10 common mistakes of the beginner photographer

Common mistakes of the beginner photographer

1. believe that photography is complicated
If you believe this is some kind of rocket science and only highly trained people can do it after years of practice and expensive equipment, that will stop you moving ahead. photography is very simple and there is no right or wrong and nobody is going to die if you underexpose your images. also you will not end up in jail if you

2. be afraid of other people’s opinions. Nobody is born know it all and there is a time that one needs to learn anything. giving up after first 50 thousands images taken is just simply not good enough if you want to do photography. I can promise you the first 10 thousands images will be your worst.

3. never believe that you need expensive equipment to achieve great photography. there are photos and movies out there absolutely brilliant shot with entry level equipment. it is the content that makes people move, not the depth of field effect or the vintage filter

4. leave the camera to choose for you. It might be overwhelming at first to understand how the camera works with so many numbers and settings and al sort of smart people trying to teach you, but what I can say is from my own experience is that I learned to control my camera in 2 weeks. If I can, why can’t you. Are you saying i am smarter than you?

5.believe that if you lift the camera and shoot what you see is enough. You need to be an image creator, find the content and subjects that will impress the viewer. photographing pipes under the sink or rocks, or a bird in your backyard is not enough. take your camera and use it as much as you can and look for stories with emotion and value. at least to you.

6. believe that all photos coming from a professional are brilliant. that cannot be further from the truth. a professional takes 100 photos to get a good one. the more you try the better you get and you will need less and less pictures to get the right one.

7. the sun is your friend. it is not. it might bring life, but strong sun light ruins pictures. when you know how to harness it in full day and get a great photo will come in time and experience.

8. believe you have no talent as other people’s photos are better. there is no such thing as a talent. it is a word invented by people to justify their own mediocrity. if you do the hard work talent will no longer be concept you need to worry about. talent is in fact perseverance and the attitude of not giving up, when you fail.

9. focus on the tool rather than the goal. we all like equipment gadgets, led lights, remote controls, but at the end, the content is king and nobody is going to judge you if your white balance is 10% yellowish.

10. keep it to yourself. photography is creating images for the eyes, for people to love beauty, share it and take from others and you will grow together.

did I miss anything?


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