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Every greater in the world, may it be an artist, such a painter, sculptor, singer,  writer, movie maker, youtube content creator, or may it be something else like a carpenter, motorbike designer, landscaper, whatever makes something out of nothing – everyone doing one thing over and over again will eventually get bored and wants change. this is nature of creation…..doing something until you want to do something different. you can draw squares for 10 years, after that you get bored and want to draw circles, or triangles.

from a public perspective, if you are happy to see squares all the time, first time you see a circle, you will get confused, angry, worried. change is coming and you do not know what is going to happen. That will create fear, discomfit and rejection perhaps you might like it after a while, but you might go somewhere else to get your daily dose of squares.

so, from a creator perspective, change is a risk. and this is exactly what I am about to do


Now, as I already announced, I intend to create content again. why, because I miss it. Creating is addictive, it brings a kick, it brings dopamine. just like you getting 100 likes of Facebook for a post, you feel good right…

same thing here

being a you-tuber brings good things. brings the satisfaction that your work is instantly appreciated or criticised. it brings purpose and it brings the pleasure of opening a communication with an audience.


now coming back after a while, today there is a completely different world. thousands of photography channels popped up. everyone is saying the same thing, all over and over again. i cannot believe how many people can give you 10 camera hacks – same broken record all the time.

in my world, copying others with such a lack of integrity is not acceptable. I cannot picture myself putting vaseline on my lens to show you how amazing that photo will end up.

By the way, my equipment is always in pristine condition. putting vaseline on it, is inconceivable. if someone does that to my lens, i will kick his ass so hard, not even google will find him.

as a serious photographer, nobody touches my camera. nobody, unless trusted friends, with proven photography skills, after showering twice, brushing teeth and wearing 2 pairs of white gloves….than they may touch my camera.


now, in order for me to keep creating stuff, i need to bring some variety. serious and not so serious, funny or not funny.  nerd talk, movie talk, words of wisdom, stupid talk. as I grow older, i get grumpier. a lot of things are bothering me…. such:

  • why all superhero come together to fight one evil in avengers – i mean are they not good enough by themselves
  • why the avatar main character has 5 fingers and the people of pandora have only 4
  • the art of turning nothing into something
  • how many laters if olive oil has Jamie Oliver has used for one meal
  • world is full of lies and we keep accepting them like idiots


so you know, this is a risk and I am talking it. It can lead to failure….but I am ready!

let’s see what Christian Tudor can bring to the world…..







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