Simplicity of the baby portrait


baby photo ideas and tips for best children portraits

As a photographer I have done hundreds of baby sessions over the year and experimented all ideas that work for me as an artist and also for the parents as the end users and the clients that need to be satisfied. I have tried to step outside the normal baby photo typical approach to make it different. After many trials of coming up with fresh baby photo ideas and new props, there is always one of the best and safest choices: to do the simple portrait. This is the best way to capture the real essence of a child personality with no busy backgrounds, no fancy props, just a simple smile is enough.

I would always recommend to start with the simplest choices. Simple colour background, one colour and just get the model to look at toyu. It might seem easy but children do not take directions how to pose and what to do. They have their own world and the idea is to catch their attention

baby photo ideas

How to get the best child portrait

Allays act funny and try something new. Children after a certain age are constantly on the move in search for something new. Have ready something that makes a noise or a light will catch their attention. I have seen desperate attempts of the parents to get their baby to smile but that does not work always, as the baby is already bored with the same calls. I have discovered that something new to them is getting their attention



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Portrait composition – baby photo ideas

The simplest portrait is alos the most effective and visual interesting. Do not get to focused on the composition as it is more important to get the right look on the model’s face. You can cut and crop the image in post production to suit a better framing and the rule of thirds


baby portrait ideas

Focus on the eyes

Like any other portrait , focusing on the eyes will be the way to go, however depth of field is not always a tool that gets the individuality. AS photographers we are obsessed with equipment end techniques, narrow and wide lenses, but at the end, the value comes from the moment, a spark, a smile or an expression. Full image in focus is not an issue for me any more.


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Best location for the baby portrait

Studio sessions are always a good idea due to more lighting control, comfortable environment, ease  for the photographer and no risks of weather changes, however sometimes the best portraits are captured outdoors where the child is familiar with the surroundings and the whole session is just a playing opportunity, and you as a photographer just happen to be there




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