Baby photography props – the giant egg

The giant egg

Baby photography props


By Christian Tudor

Editor of Academy of Photography

As one ideas I always wanted to do was to try to achieve something similar of one of my favourite photos of Anne Geddes. She was an inspiration to me since the beginning of my photography career and actually I could say she was one of the reasons I have started. Browsing the internet I have stumbled upon her and discovered her work. This idea is not mine, of course and it is just an attempt to create a similar but different image. This is a tribute to her….baby photo idea - the egg

The photography prop challenge:

How to create an egg that big, to look good and to be stable and strong enough to support a newborn. After many experiments and ideas, the solution was found, however not the the perfection it was intended. The egg in the image is created by a series of metal rings bought in a craft shop and tight together with wire at the top and bottom poles. The are filled with a mattress filler and also bend in order to change a spherical shape to an egg. the wires are than tightened with a band outside several times to keep the rings evenly apart and give the shape a bit of stability. On the exterior the best we could do to create an even surface was also a synthetic filler that could be cut and added like a wool. I have tried to use a piece of thick fabric but the cuts would have been to visible. The shape is far from being perfect but as a baby photo idea it worked and the client was very happy. I guess the large number of hours spent of researching, shopping, and actual the making of the egg will prevent any lazy average photographer to achieve it.

Giant egg – difficult baby photography prop to have

Also there was another challenge – how to keep the baby on the egg. I have to admit  that after few failed attempts to stick the egg into a position with velcro which was disintegrating the egg “skin” one solution was for the father to hold it with a hand, either behind wrapped in a white fabric, or from one side. Regardless we had to use Photoshop to take that out. As a result we were quite happy with this and we are extending the invitation to any passionate photographers out there to try to create a better giant egg image than us

If you are like us and are not afraid of a bit of sweat for  good photography, take on our challenge and send us your picture to compare!


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