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dears kindly I have a question that made me Crazy and I sent many E-mails on the website without responding please help me to find an answer,, From where the external flash consumes power ?? from its own batteries or from the camera batteries? because when using external flash the camera produces the half number of photos I mean my camera battery capacity is 500 photos but in case of using the external flash the camera produces only 250 photos ! I also use 18-105 lens in stead of the 18-55 so is that affect the power because I don’t use the kit lens that came with my camera ?! I use a Nikon d3200 now



thank you for your question. I am not sure how you have tried many emails as we have not received anything. That is irrelevant and you have finally made it.

External flashes consume power from their own batteries. They do not consume power from the camera as they need a lot more. I am not sure how that happens on your camera. Please make sure we do not talk about a pop up flash as part of your camera as that will definitely use the camera batteries.

Just to improve your performance you can add power to the camera with external battery grip or external batteries for the flash. see below few suggestions.

The use of the lens might influence the power consumption of a camera. for example the use of a image stabilisation system of the lens will impact on the power consumption as all the motors in the lens need electricity to work. Obviously the camera batteries need to support that. Some lenses need more power than others

I hope this helps


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