Canon 5D Mark IV – specifications

Canon EOS 5D mark IV


Today I am going to talk about a camera which does not exist yet, but there are rumours that Canon will release later in 2015 or perhaps early 2016 a 5D Mark II upgrade, obviously called a 5d Mark IV.

I usually hate rumours as they are usually just a reason to start a conversation about something when you have got nothing, however sometimes they prove to be true, and sometimes not.

I liked In particular a special piece of real journalism a while ago, but not the far away in the past, telling me that there was a kid walking on a street, somewhere in a village in the world and a wolf might or might not have jumped in front of him to eat him and that was how dangerous was to walk the streets of that particular village. A good point indeed.

That could have been a possibility, but not sure, maybe it couldn’t. we will never know because the truth might or might not exist. And that is the mystery of life. But I digress, based on my personal anger on todays, serious but not serious, NEWS TV channels, who might or might not tell us a truth or perhaps lies.


Last time, I did not listen to the rumour that Canon will launch a 50 MP camera, they were like Canon might or might not do a canon EOS 5Ds, and I said forget about it, but guess what, they did launch the 5dr and 5Dsr. So what did I do? Nothing everyone was talking about it, but me. I missed the rumour stage.


But let’s look at the rumours that Canon might or not launch a Canon EOD5 D mark IV. It would be obviously an upgrade from Canon EOS 5dMark Iii and might or might not have a 24 MP sensor. Apparently this is currently being tested but in secret by hidden man in black .


Also the camera might come as a simple Canon 5D Mark IV with 28 MP and a 5d mark IVc which stands for cinema and it will bring 4k video to us but have a 18 MP sensor for shooting photos. Incredible secret but reliable sources are saying that a standard 5dmArk IV will not have a 4k video capability.


As the rumours do not have usually much details, but only dark smoke flavour, we cannot get into detail about specifications, settings, focusing systems, back LCD, buttons, and all that super geeky stuff that we love to talk about.


So with love about rumours, we might or might not hear from Canon about the 5d Mark IV sooner or later.

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