Canon EOS 200D Mark II – Rebel Sl2 – full review

Headline specification

The EOS 200D Mark II – is the latest entry level DSLR camera from Canon. It is the smallest and the cheapest for people who want to have a DSLR camera. This is marketed as the Rebel SL2 in US.

The headline specifications are:

APS-C CMOS cropped sensor – will deliver 24MB images. Digic 8 images processor. It has 9 autofocus point, dual pixel focusing system with eye detection, it shoots up to 5 fps and video 4k cropped in 25fps and full HD 1920×1080 in 60 fps. Full connectivity WIFI and Blue tooth. It will give you timelpase capability, it will take all EF and EFS lenses and has the awesome full swivel touch LCD screen – which became standard.

For the menu details, photo test and video test, make sure you view the video in detail as everything is explained.


  • weight – very light camera – just above 400 grams for the body. Only 663 grams with the battery, card and the kit 18-55mm lens. An absolute pleasure to carry in your hands if concerned about bulk
  • size – very small and compact
  • price point very low – 700 USD for the body. With additional lenses and accessories you can cary awesome DSLR quality under $1000 wherever you are
  • video quality is top, obviously with limitations


just trying to be picky here, for the price point it is hard to be picky but let’s give it a try

  • ISO could be slightly better, but let’s put this in perspective. I shot 5 years with CANON 5D Mark II which had less than half of the ISO quality these days
  • the plastic is a bit cheap
  • the back LCD screen has a texture which prevents scratches but encourages dirt
  • just 9 Autofocus points – it feels that autofocus system is still back in time
  • limited options in comparison with bigger and brothers


TheCanon 200DMark II is the ideal camera for a enthusiast and a good option as a second camera for the easy tasks. For teh youtube blogger, this is more than enough. easy to carry, easy to film yourself, just turn it on and start recording. the quality you get is top as you would expect form Canon, and despite the limited features which are normal and this price point, you can deliver outstanding photos and videos.

let’s not forget the times we are living in. this overtakes many super expensive camera just few years back. we are just becoming more and more demanding, and most of the missing options are useless anyway.

So…i would like to ditch my 70D now and get this little gem.

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