easy exercise to learn to control your flash and visualise the power of light

Flash photography tutorial

See with your own eyes how flash works

This an easy exercise to teach you how to control your flash and conquer your fears. doing our simple shots in your own way with your own, flashgun, will help you understand how much light you are going to get, and how powerful it will be. I believe this simple flash photography tutorial is the easy way to learn
The exercise consists of photographing the flash gun directly in action by using a wireless trigger. We can compare first hand all the power settings, and how light will be casted by the flash gun. On top of that you will visualise how wide the light cone will be by controlling the flash zoom.
I believe this is the way to go.


So grab your flash, mount it on a tripod and shoot a blank wall. Do not forget to set up your camera in manual mode and play with the flash settings by increasing its power settings slowly. Compare and you will understand what light level your flashgun will give you.


Repeat the exercise with the zoom settings and you will visualise slowly what is the performance of your flash and what you will shoot with. Thsi will prevent you from being afraid of the “unpredictability of the result and you will be in complete control

Flash power 1/128


Flash power 1/64


Flash power 1/32


Flash power 1/16


Flash power 1/8


Flash power 1/4


Flash power 1/2


Flash power 1/1


Now it is time to test the flash zoom

Flash zoom 24 mm



Flash zoom 28 mm


Flash zoom 35 mm


Flash zoom 50 mm


Flash zoom 80 mm


Flash zoom 105 mm



Flash with hand home made diffuser



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