Fashion Photography tutorial – photo shoot behind the scenes

Fashion Photography tutorial

learn how to become a fashion photographer

Today I will talk about studio fashion photography and present you the challenges of such a shoot.
First i will talk about few general things, describe how we do it in our studio, present samples and a slideshow and at the end i will talk about the equipment, settings, and studio set up.
Fashion photography sounds glamorous, with a lot of beatiful models, make up, nice clothes.
It is indeed very rewarding, but in reality it could be a long day and exhausting experience.
I guess it also depends on the client and how many outfits you need to shoot.

I will present today the Primitive store with the funky beat collection.
This is one of our regular clients, renewing their collection twice a year.
They bring in the models, make up, and a large number of clothing pieces in the order of hundreds.It takes at least 6 hours to photograph the entire collection, as the models are running back and forth changing all the time and also a logistical effort to record all the article numbers and the order.It is a long day for everyone and much more exhausting that what it looks like.

I guess the large numbers of tops, shirts, hats, accessories and so on will actually clasify this shoot more in the product photography category.This is a work out for me and i need to sit down as otherwise i won’t resist phisically to the end

Studio fashion equipment

The sessions are taking place in our studio and we use a standard setting with 2 main softboxes at the front, right and left.
They are set up for the same power as we are not interested in getting to artistic, and show shadows and depths, but it is about the clothes, details.
We use 2 background lights on maximum power to make the background seamless and bright so we do not capture unwanted details
We use the main camera 5D Mark II with a 24-70 mm L series f2.8 set up at Manual mode,Time is 1/125 th of a second. Aperture is 16 and may vary slightly and ISO 1:100

The camera talks to the lights through a wireless trigger. I will talk about all the studio equipment at large in a different video.

If all the camera and lights settings are right, we do not have to worry about the equipment, we get 2-3 raw shots per pose.
The digital workflow will be also subject to a different video.I will show you what happens from the moment the session is finished, files are downloaded to the computer, backed up, selected, processed to the final product that will be delivered to the client

Thank you for watching . I hope you have now a better picture about what a fashion photo shoot may consist of.

Any question or comment, please do not hesitate to send us a message and also feel free to subscribe if you wish to see other videos as they are coming.

Thank you and wis you happy shooting!




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