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Trackimo GPS


After 2 friends had their car stolen in the last 2 years, and I am talking about 4 cars altogether, I started to be concerned about mine. Looking after an easy solution, other than insurance, I found that GPS tracking devices are a good idea to have.
Trackimo just happened to seek for content creators like me for promoting their products, so they sent me one for free, for a short review.

This is obviously a GPS tracker. that means you can see its location, either on your phone or on their website.
this is a good idea if you want to know the location of something such a car, wife, child, pet, or whatever.

The tracker is a small and good looking object, fits in your pocket, small enough to be in a purse, your child lunch box or your pet collar. big enough to be invisible if you want to track your girlfriend cheating on you without her knowing.

it comes in a small box, with an USB cable. You will need to charge it, register on Trackimo website in order to work. The device is about $200 USD and will cost about $60 per year to use.

please note that there is a chance this will not work in areas where your normal car GPS won’t work either, such underground concrete car parks.

I would suggest to check the Trackimo website for anything in relation to tracking and give it a go if interested.

Trackimo Multi Purpose 3G GPS Tracker | Portable, Real Time, Waterproof, Speed Monitoring | Small, Compact, Light | Free Year of Service

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