how to become a fashion photographer

How to make money taking photos of fashion

Working as a fashion professional photographer is one of the most interesting and rewarding types of photography

Fashion industry employs high end photographers with very expensive equipment, not accesible for the average amateur photographer and that is why the area of works is well reduced. Also there is a significant amount of competition just for a few fashion magazines.

It is more difficult to suddenly decide you are going to be a professional fashion photographer. Probably you already need to be a competent shooter, maybe with access to an already established studio where you can work as an asisstant and you can learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry.

You need to start building up your portfolio, create a website, participate in as many fashion events as possible, have your marketing strategies ready.

become a professional fashion photographer

How to become a fashion photographer

Once you have your portfolio to a reasonable level, you can submit your work to editors, publishers, and of course fashion magazines. This is more about marketing and selling yourself, but in this case it won’t work unless ou are already a competent fashion photographer.

One way to start is to photograph clothes, collections and organize fashion shoots with wannabe models. This can be arranged easily as there are plenty of asipiring fashion models around.

Having access to a professional photography studio,  where you can organize some of your shoots will definitely help. Studio photography is by far better in quality than location as anyone with a decent camera can take pictures oustide with a good looking model.

Working in a studio will employ a set of skills esential in fashion industry.

Also no need to mention that significant photoshop skills are requird. But assumingly passion for photography comes hand in hand with computer editing skills, that is probably not an issue

how to become a fashion photographer

Becoming a fashion photographer is not an impossible task and if achieved, your lifestyle as a fashion photographer will be envied by others


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