how to shoot in the rain – protect your camera equipment in wet weather conditions


Shooting in the rain

This video contain a tip how to protect your camera gear shooting in the wet weather conditions.

As the experience photographers will tell, it is just a matter of time until you get to shoot a wedding in a rainy day. The couple puts so much preparation into the day so it is difficult to postpone the ceremony to another time . As a photographer you need to be ready to shoot in the wet as you cannot get away from that as a paid service. Maybe others do, but I believe the couple needs to have the service they pay for.

As a tip you can purchase cheap camera covers on ebay to suit any model including on camera flash. It is a bit inconvenient and more difficult to handle your equipment, but the rain is an inconvenience anyway so protecting your equipment will enable you to deliver your photography to a already half disappointed customer.

there are few issues with this solution

– slow set up – it takes few minutes to undo the strap and get it back.

– difficult to see the back LCD of the camera – the cover is made of plastic and that will make your life slightly more diffucult in seeing what you are doing. Also the plastic will stick to your face

– the moisture and condensation inside the cover – so make sure you allow air to go in for a good ventilation

But the advantage is obvious:

camera will do the same job, it is protected, your equipment is safe and you deliver what you are supposed to deliver.


if you are a photographer and are doing this differently feel free to share few tips with us as we are always happy to hear how other people are doing things or if any better solutions are out there


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