kid portrait, flower and cake, cups on the table

kid portrait, flower and cake, cups on the table

Hi Mr. Tudor,

Greetings. I just wanted to share with you that I really love your lessons on Photography and trying to learn each day passionately. Right now I am working with an IT company but want to switch to photography profession desperately. But as I cannot ditch my company right away and also want to learn photography as hobby first as right now I dont think I am any good. Please help me understanding if I am any good by evaluating attached three photographs.
Thank you so very much !!!
The Pic of kid – (6+2+5)/3 = 4.33

The Pic of Cake and Flower – (5+5+3)/3 = 4.33
The Pic of inverted cups – (7+3+5)/3 = 5


Ankit Chowhan
thanks for your submission and also for the self rating of your images
lets have a look.

Kids portrait

photo critique academy of photography0

Content 3.5 out of 10

I have mentioned in one of the videos that portrait will be compared with portraits, so this is assessed within portraiture genre. In thi scase this is a pic snapped randomly and there is not story behind it. As a viewer I am not interested as it does not tell me anyhting. Is this your kid holding an Iphone waiting for you to put your shoos one before you leave your friends place? A random backpack behind.

Composition 3 out of 10

the lack of subject destroys the composition. you might think that the child face follows the rule of thirds but i see the disturbing backpack behind and I say there is no composition. it is random.

Image quality 7.5 out of 10

the only plus in this image is the image quality. it shows you have a good camera. What do you shoot with?

Final TRS mark 4.6 out of 10

we are receiving a large number of photo request and most of them are attempts to take artistic photographs, and not random images.

Flower and Cake

photo critique academy of photography1

Content 2 out of 10

is this a product photography? is this landscape? is this macro? anyone can do this. Is it the floer or the cake? both? confusion

The value is given also by how hard you need to work and duplicate an image. In this case not hard at all.

Composition 2 out of 10

No composition. randomness

Image quality 7 out of 10

the only plus in this image is the image quality. it shows you have a good camera which I already know

Final TRS mark 3.6 out of 10

no comments

Cups on the table

photo critique academy of photography2

Content 5 out of 10

I can see here intention, rhtythm, colour…at least this is an attempt. A not very difficult one though. you should have used the brown cups separate, at least to create a colour diversity

Composition 6 out of 10

I see perspective and rhythm. I am still concerned about the ease of creating an image. You took you camera and played in the safety of your home. you can produce 1 million of this kind of images in your household

Image quality 7 out of 10

as above

Final TRS mark 6 out of 10



I see you have got a good camera and experiment with it. That is a very good thing.I would recommend to distance yourself from the daily normality and try to get some subjects. Just go and shoot something exciting that I want to see and share with others!

One thing I notice is the Tudor Rating System works and you have assessed yourself close. I appreciate you are a good critique for yourself and that tells me you have got skills and a good approach



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