Light painting – paint your car with light

Light painting sample

Light up your car



In this short video you can see a simple example of light painting. The only thing you need to do is set up your camera in BULB mode and expose as long as you need. in the same time you can follow the edges of your car with a small light torch in order to create the fram trails. Also as real light painting is flood your car or whatever you would like to show with a flood light lamp. Make sure you caver all surfaces and you do not need to rush or be to slow.

basic settings will be BULB mode, aperture 22 , ISO 100 and shutter speed as long as it takes to complete your painting


first image is just a normal night ong exposure for you to see the difference


light painting


In the image below, a domestic flood light has been used for a couple of minutes until all care surfaces have been illuminated


The image below combines in photo shop a frame light painting with the abobe image for a more interesting result


You can attempt to do a similar exercise, do not stress to much about settings, take your time and give it a go.

if you are coming up with anything spectacular please do not forget to share with us  for everyone to see

thank you


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