Make success reporter photographs: just with a smartphone or a tablet!

Make success reporter photographs: just with a smartphone or a tablet!

Guest article post by Sabrina Barbante

It happens more and more often for people who, like me, need to shoot photos to deliver and/or publish with my articles for my clients, to take fast pictures with a tablet or with a smart-phone.

What I’ve recently discovered is that, over than taking a picture with the ‘camera’ tool displayed on the mobile device, these latter can be high professional tools to use with a compact or reflex camera. This allowed me to make very good and ‘documentary’ pictures, even without  other  cumbersome tools generally needed by free lance photographers. Infact, mobile devices can download Apps that allows to remotely control our camera, and set everything by a relatively long distance.

For example, I recently had to take some high aerial picture in Milan, both in the open air space of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele  and at the Science Museum.
I was given by a colleague of mine a 5m Pole called MagicPole, that allowed me to make very nice shots, avoiding the people passing in all direction. Using this device it was in some cases possible to take very good shots BECAUSE OF people, that from above are a very good way to make perceive the ‘life’ of a place.




After positioning my camera on the pole, I downloaded the WMU App by Nikon , that allowed me to control my Nikon D3200. Features of the App includelive video preview on the screen of my shartphone also useful for easy shot framing.
The WMU App is available on the Apple App Store™ and Google Play.
In my case and experience, it was an useful device to overcome  some… ‘phisic limit’, this means the impossibility to fly over the pole and look into the lens of the camera and set the frame from time to time. Some other times this devices are absolutely necessary, for photographers who must make a sequence of aerial pictures with helium balloons.
Here you can see a good tutorial about it  – Note that the GoPro App is not compatible with the Original HD HERO camera

More recently, while supporting a friend of mine during his job, I saw and tried another device, called CamRanger (found at AerialClick at 269€ + VAT). It is a tool that is used to control a Canon or Nikon DSLR directly from the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, PC and Android device. It connects wirelessly to the machine, autonomously without the need for a WiFi hotspot: it creates a WiFi hotspot which will connect to the device.
This tool allows, for example, to enlarge the area of ​​focus in order to optimize it. The frame rate for the image transfer is 6-18 fps . Among the adjustable settings: AF points, highlights, shadows, grids, aspect ratio.
All the problems of focus and adjustments that are encountered with self-timer and remote control are solved with this device, which also allows you to remotely monitor and adjust the aperture, ISO, Metering Mode, white balancing, exposure bracketing and autofocus.

It is harder to explain than to use it!

Sabrina Barbante 



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