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Textured backgrounds in photography

I have been fascinated about material textures since the beginning of my passion for photography. Texture makes images come alive and they give a sense of materiality. They are visually appealing as a repetition composition tool, but this is beyond repetition. They need to complement to subject, to make it stand out and to help it live in the picture.

Regardless if I do ¬†wedding, a fashion photo shoot on location, a portrait or a family session, I am constantly looking for empty textured walls to shoot agains. Regardless if I ask one person in the picture to look at me, on the side, couple to stay apart, face each other, hug , kiss or do the “dip” texture is the one helping them to breath and live.

The stand stone

Depending on the part of the world you live in, some materials can be more or less present. I am fortunate enough to be close to the ocean and sandstone walls are not in shortage around here. Wherever I go, there are good chances to find a sandstone wall. The texture is beautiful and it reminds of the ocean shores.

Sandstone can be smooth

Sand stone texture


Sandstone can be rough

rough sand stone for photography background

Sandstone can be dirty and rustic

rustic and dirty sandstone


Corrugated steel sheet

I always like the texture of the corrugated steel sheet, the older the bettercorrugated steel sheet

Is it is old enough and rust comes into play, the image is much more appealing. With also a bit of post processing and colour filters the results are absolutely outstanding

corrugated steel sheet textured background


Industrial lovres, roller shutters roller doors

industrial louvres

there is nothing magical about industrial louvres,roller shutters or roller doors, but in the right dimensions and with the right light they look faboulos. When I see one, I got to move my subject next to it.


Timber slats

timber slats

Timber slats can be either external cladding or timber fencing. The natural timber texture combined with the horizontal lines of the gaps are always within my choice if available.



Brick walls and block works come in a huge range of sizes and colours, smooth or rough. Always an empty wall turn into a pose, regardless if against it or along

Yasmin IMG_3565



Green texture

Another winner in this category is the green hedge or any green walls with a texture even look, not to busy and not too colourfull. I am in a constant look to shoot against or along hedges, especially for the great depth of field effect that people love so much green hedge textured background


Only one piece of advice:

shoot in the shade, as if there is full sunlight, the texture will be not used at its full visual potential as it will be too light, too contrasty, or have shadows on it….









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