turn dark and rain into outstanding creative photography opportunities

how to shoot in dark and rain and get great shots

If you are afraid of the dark or the rain, you better think again….not only because where others are failing and are running away scared, you can turn the hars conditions into amazing photos. You just need to be open to ideas and have also the right chance. I would suggest you practice this idea few times until you understand how easy is to do it and also to have everything ready

Set up

For this exercise you will need your camera with whatever lens you want. also bring to the mix a wireless triggering system and a flash. You can set up your camera on a tripod if you want to do the exercise yourself, or you can hold it in your hand if you have someone else to help you and pose for you. Simulating rain is easy of you have a backyard and and water hose that will enable you to create some artificial rain.

Please the flash on a tripod or on the ground shooting towards the camera. It would be a good idea not to shoot towards it directly. You can vary the position as you see fit

Equipment settings

camera in manual mode, Shutter speed 1/125 as a minimum to avoid the movement blurr. The faster the better but I have discovered that synchronising the flash through the wireless trigger has issues for shutter speeds faster than 1/200. You can test your gear first to make sure it does sync properly

Flash needs to be in manual mode so you have the same amount of light to play with. If you do not have ETTL compatible flash and camera, and a good wireless system, this will not work anyway.

You should set up your lens in manual mode and find a way to fixed the focus. If you will be shooting than you can use whatever focusing mode you want as long as you can do it. If you want to play with water you might want also to focus behind the subject to have the water drops in focus and just silhouettes as an artistic approach


Make sure you take your time and try to be creative as much as possible. Also you can vary the position of the flash on one side, bring another flash or more to the mix. If you want to limit to one flash, perhaps a reflector will help you get some light on the dark side of the subject.

Imagine this as a kiss, or a dancing position in the distance on an empty field…..great outcome would that be?

if you take the effort to attempt this, please share your results here as I would be honoured to see someone taking inspiration and turning into something much better than my images below

shoot in the rainy dark shoot in the rainy dark shoot in the rainy dark



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