what a good child portrait looks like

Child portraiture photography at its best

critique for Christina Michelle Photography

I love your videos and stumbled across you in your ideas for newborn / child photography.  

It was definitely interesting and unlike other newborn tutorials and after viewing more of your videos
I found the critique and really loved it.  
I would like to enter a few images for critique.


thank you for your submission. I am happy to critique your photos and humbled by the fact such a good photographer as yourself is asking for critique. Your image ticks all the boxes in my opinion and I would give it a 9 out of 10 for content, composition and quality. it looks like you knwo what you are doing. Portrait is simple, all unnecessary details are blurred, out, a very nice and soft light, combined with the fact the girls is beautiful from nature. also the way the dress is integrated in the picture and it is not just a candid photo in a park dress average, adds value. this proves there is effort to it and that tells me you care.

Child portraiture at its best


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