WORLD PREMIERE – how to capture a bursting soap bubble

Capturing a bursting soap bubble

high speed photography

In this exercise we are trying take a photograph of a bursting bubble and our intent is to capture the exact moment when it breaks in the middle. it is quite a challenge as it breaks very fast, we estimate faster than 1/2000 seconds and synchronising the burst, with the trigger, shutter speed and the light is not as easy as it seems. We want you to try it for yourself, and if you think you can do better, we’ll like to hear from you

bursting-bubble copy

bursting bubble after


let’s have some fun this time and attempt to capture a bursting soap bubble in the middle of the action, halfway into disappearance. This is more than high speed shot and it requires a very fast shutter speed and a synchronised hand to take the shot in the 1000th os a second and see the half of the bubble gone.
you need to set up your camera in manual mode or time priority, manual focus, a sharp lens and a strategy how to get the bubble in focus and trigger and touch it in the same time. it takes effort and perspiration




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