Academy of Photography – changing lives?

Academy of Photography – impact on others   This is the message from Amy below. Hello Christian Tudor, I have been an admirer of you work and the talented way […]

Academy of Photography – impact on others


This is the message from Amy below.

Hello Christian Tudor,

I have been an admirer of you work and the talented way that you explain even some of the most complicated aspects of photography so that people can understand since I first discovered you over a year ago on youtube. It was from you that I discovered that manual wasnt that difficult to master if you take the time to practise and appreciate the different elements, It was from your videos that I got the confidence to get a flash and try out using it, on camera and then off.
Your tutorials pushed me enough so that I felt confident enough to go to college and apply for University studying photography so before I continue please except my heartfelt gratitude.

I first saw you on youtube, around a year-18months ago when I decided that id like to try and get good enough at what I do to attempt Wedding Photography.

I do a range of things to be honest, from Macro, creative to landscape, portrait and studio. I try to shoot every day and also have a 365 project.

I am a student of photography so I am used to critique from my lecturers who are also supportive but it is always nice to get a second opinion.

I work with a canon 600d and a Nikon d7100 both with kit lenses exc, for the canon which I also have a 105mm sigma macro and a 50mm prime lens for.


I try to work fast on my feet a lot as I know that that is the only way to work when shooting a wedding.

I have tried to show a range of images to give you a true idea of where I am at.

My aim is to take what I have learned and what I am studying and apply to be a member of the academy of photography in the future when I feel that I am ready and have sufficient knowledge to make a positive contribution to your site. I am also encouraging James to do the same. He will send in some of his work when he feels ready.

Amy-Lee Winfield


1- working till dawn

content – 6, I belive this image has a strong narrative, it shows the farmer hard at work with the sun setting in the distance
composition – 5 I placed the tractor leading into the frame as it went by, I didnt want him fully in the shot. The tree in the middle layer completes a diagonal that leads the viewers gaze into the light, onward untill the sun sets was my interpretation, not sure if it works but I liked the image none the less
visual quality – 6, I love the warm glow of the light, you get a sense of sunset with the tones and highlights on the grass and the evening tones of colour are already present in the sky.  this was taken with a Nikon D7100 with a DX cropped sensor.

Shades of Autumn


– I looked around this huge tree, the turning leaves were so varied, some leaves in like an animated half state.
content 6- I love the Autumnal colours in bokeh behind, I think it sets off the green well and tells you its the start of the Autumn season.
Composition – 5 I used the twigs as a partial frame to hold the viewers gaze on the green leaf, I did not place it central nor on the line of thirds as I wanted this framing, instead I chose to place it just off center to keep the brightest section of sky behind it so it was illuminated with back lighting.
Visual Quality – 6, I like the complementary colours and the softness of the bokeh. The green leaf has delicate changes that I used the macro 105mm prime to pick out and make sure that that was the subject that was emphasised. It says f1.4 but infact it was f2.8, the ‘said’ settings are wrong as I am using a converter on the lens. I took this with a Canon 600D.

James at Blackpool –

Content- 6 -im a little biased as its my son! but we went to see the illuminations to getting an image of him with them behind him just made my night. it was so late and he looked so tired as he’d been on the rides all day but managed to pucker a smile for me. This image took me literally 30 seconds the tram was coming and we were headed home.
composition – 6 I like the use of the space in this frame, I chose to use a landscape orientation so I could include ‘blackpool’ behind him. I used the line of the lights as a leading line to allow the viewer to rest on the face.
Visual quality – 6 the chaos of the lights in the background give the veier a sense of a busy place, it looks inviting and fun. I used this to guide the viewer to James. The focus is sharp on his eye which I think is essential to any portrait and the side lighting really sets it off rather than full frontal flash with the flash on camera. I used the Nikon D7100 for this image with an 18-105mm kit lens.


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