baby photo ideas – tips and props – part 2

Baby photo ideas – part 2 tips and props for a variety of  baby photography ideas This is a continuation of part 1 of this short series to split it […]

Baby photo ideas – part 2

tips and props for a variety of  baby photography ideas

This is a continuation of part 1 of this short series to split it into smaller portions. As professional photographer, one must always explore new ways of creating new images, compositions with a fresh look and original approach

Baby on a shelf

This shelf has been purchased specifically for a baby session, it is not just another piece of furniture in a house. Also having a baby on an empty shelf would have been boring so a bit of balance was necessary. SInce there is one shelf and not a great deal of flexibility, the idea to include special green leaves just randomly but worked really well in our opinion. The client liked it and they chosen it for an enlargement

baby on a shelf - newborn pose idea

Baby with candles

the image of the baby with candles is just another way to simplify an image, yet get a sophisticated but simple design look.The 3 candles generate a rhythm and the balance the image where the toddler is following the rule of thirds leaving the other 2 thirds of the image empty. This subject will be treated at large in the composition section, especially the tips on how to balance a visual composition. Please note the reflection on the floor – which is basically our semi gloss prop table allocated for photography sessions in our studio

baby and candles composition


Baby in a muslin cloth

this photography idea is widely used and we cannot pretend is the result of our own imagination. However it does have value and it is more difficult to achieve than in looks. The baby is always uncomfortable in the position and will feel insecure buy being in the air with no clothes and no familiar parents touch. To be noted – the baby high in the air just few centimetres and there is a large below underneath, and also the parents are the one holding the baby to avoid any risk of falling. This is a must try for any photographer and make sure the fabric you choose is good quality as it will show after the first use.


baby wrap - baby in a muslin cloth


Palmtree background

The image below just one of the hundreds of session where a fresh and original photo idea and prop had to be used. Please not that the baby rests on a mirror with a nice palm tree behind. Not more comments as the image speaks for itself





The palm tree leaf

this is one of our most requested baby photography props: the palm tree leaf. I have found it on an empty ground full of palm trees which drop tier leaves when dry. This is just the section of the leaf close to the tree as the top of the leaves get dry and get broken. The left over as in the picture has been washed with water pressure and polished to make sure no hard fibres can penetrate the baby wraps and harm the skin. Just as like any other props used, the newborn baby skin never touches any rough surfaces. This is a winner for our business and winner for all the props we use

baby photography props - palm tree leaf


Baby in a wok

Another hit among our clients is the baby in the wok. We have got in incredible feedback for the image below and there is nobody who did not smile when they saw the picture. As one can observe this is a balanced composition with an asian restaurant aspect. The baby has soft materials under to avoid skin contact with the wok and allow a comfortable rest.

baby in a wok - asian cuisine photo composition



The mirror

we have had a round mirror around the house with no use since the frame was lost and made it into another digital photography baby props. After a good clean and a check for any sharp edges, having a mirror on the floor and the baby on it  various settings is creating a nice effect. Parents love it and so do I

mirror as a studio photography prop



there are so many ways how to use the mirror as a studio photography prop…you can try and share your idea with usthe mirror digital studio photography tip


The green basket

this is again one of the most appreciated images form our studio, but we have used it only once. The reason behind it is the fact that it took 4 hours labour and 2 persons to wrap around a simple laundry basket in fresh leaves. Every individual leave has been hand picked and jointed with a piece of string to the basket. As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, the value for the photographer and for the client grows with the amount of effort to duplicate the image. I am not sure how many other photographers are willing to go to distance and create something that takes so much time and effort for just one picture when they shoot hundreds in a week




the green basket baby photo idea


If you are happy with any of the ideas presented above and you are attempting to duplicate any of them, please do not forget to share as we would be happy to able to say we helped, and also you can submit your image with your details and we will publish them for anyone else to appreciate and comment.


Juts send as an email with your photos and we’ll add them including your name and authorship information





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