how to become a better photographer – get creative

Tips on how to become a better photographer I am writing this article as a response to lots of questions from various people such as: how do you come up […]

Tips on how to become a better photographer

I am writing this article as a response to lots of questions from various people such as:

  • how do you come up with this idea and that idea?
  • are you afraid getting bored after doing too many weddings?
  • are your ideas repeating themselves
  • how do you come up with new poses?
  • what is your secret ?


receiving so many questions about how do I do it, I have decided to do this video to show my approach and how I interact with my clients, in this case a wedding couple.

Here are some tips to thin creative:

1. try to have fun while working as a photographer

I know it is difficult to do that, as the pressure is on for you to deliver in a real photo session situation, but I can assure you the results are much better. It is up to you how you want to approach your interaction with your clients and my suggestion is to have a bit of patience and do 10-20 sessions until you are more than comfortable with your skills to deliver good pictures shooting in any situation. After that treating your assignments as opportunities to have some fun will help you achieve greater results

2. never stop learning

It is OK to get inspiration from others as that is the basis of your own education. Try to see how other people are doing and try to get inspiration from their ideas. After a while you need to feel the urge to make them better. I can promise you that looking how other people like me are doing things and try to do the same and better, is the best way to learn and to improve your photography. I have been there, I have done that and now I have a list of poses built up asa reflex, and I apply them without much thinking. During the photo session, there is always an opportunity to go behind the standard. Every client is different and I am searching for that individuality aspect…it is always there, you just need to uncover it.

3. never stop try to improve yourself

I had many days when I did not feel like shooting, but I did not have a choice. in time I have realised that it is only me perceiving work as n obligation or not. I have decided to search for every job to do something new and I turned every working day into an opportunity to get a new idea. This is how I wake up and I am looking forward to start shooting again. I feel empty if there are few days without touching my camera and I miss it. I believe that is passion…?!?

4. you need to want to be the best

Even today I am in constant search for a better photography. I look to other people’s work and I draw inspiration. It is never to late to learn and never enough. I am no longer in the pursuit for a better business, for a better product. I am in pursuit of an experience as that if what people remember. It is not about the camera skills any more , it is about how to get people to do things for you

5. get the best out of people

I have learned in my profession that people remember their experience interacting with you and that has a powerful impact. It is more important for you to get the best out of people as that will make your result much better, not only as an experience, but also as a photography idea. People will react positive and it does not matter any more if the photo is slightly underexposed. It is your sole responsibility to make your models to look good.

6. never miss challenge

If it is dark, I find ways to shoot, if it rains, I find ways to experiment. Never be afraid of harsh conditions, as they hide greater opportunities for shooting, and take the extra step that will make you different



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