best camera for amateur photographer

what is the best camera for the amateur photographer?

Definition of what is a photographer first, difference between amateur and professional

If you are interested what is the best camera for amateur photographer, we might need to establish first few definitions first. A photographer is a person taking pictures. As simple as that. However I would like to differentiate a photographer from a person who just happens to have a camera. Generally speaking the difference is usually reflected form people owning a compact camera and people who own a DLSR camera.

There are amateurs photographers and professional photographers. The amateurs are taking pictures just for fun, as a hobby or as a personal interest. The professionals are creating a source of income with photography.

The interesting fact is that quality is not always the factor which differentiate between them. There are plenty of amateurs photographers who are taking better quality pictures than the professional photographers. Alse even more interesting is that there are people offering professional services with a lower quality. I have made this personal observation when I have assessed my competition when I became , or believed I was a professional photographer.

I was training hard to become a professional photographer with intended purpose by looking at other professionals work and comparing it with mine. It took me a while to reach a certian level of quality when I have thought I was ready to approach photography as a business. I was amazed and intrigued by the fact I found a lot of successful professional photography studios or freelance photographers providing such a low quality images that made me to question why is that possible.

Finding the best camera for the amateur photographer is also a challenge as there is no right and wrong. I have purchased fortunately the Canon 5D Mark II which is classified as photography enthusiast below the professional threshold, however most of the professionals these days are delivering outstanding results with it. There are a wide range of cameras on the market these days and they are becoming more and more affordable for everyone. The line between the amateur level and professional is disappearing slowly

During my endeavours in becoming a photographer, I have discovered that the key to a successful business is only part the quality of the photos, but the marketing and selling skills. That is why I have dedicated a long time to educate myself how to create, promote and maintain a successful photography business. Having an income with photography has put me into the professional photography category.

best camera for amateur photographer

As a personal goal to share my acquaired knowledge this is our promise

– for amateur photographers I will provide basic and advanced photography lessons, tutorilas, tips and tricks how to learn the use of a DSLR camera, composition, post production, and all the skills necessary to create outstanding images

– for professional photographers – I will provide all the skills to start, market, promote and maintain a succesfull business. I will be talking about , how to get clients, how to promote, how to sell , and how to deliver professional photography services. I will be talking about tips and tricks to maximize revenue, obtain leads to business, failure versus succesful venues how to get clients

Going back to our topic what is the best camera for an amateur photographer, there is not set answer. our recommendation is to invest as much as possible your pocket will allow you to and that is it.


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