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Camera Care Sensor Cleaning After a year or two maybe longer in some cases your camera’s sensor will develop dust and dirt, reason simply put that if you change your […]

Camera Care

Sensor Cleaning

After a year or two maybe longer in some cases your camera’s sensor will develop dust and dirt, reason simply put that if you change your lens outdoors or a dusty area dirt and dust will find its way on to the sensor. How do we know normally when we take a photograph at f/22 and load it into our computer we can see small black spots in our image very annoying, they can be removed using photoshop or lightroom spot remover however if you take a lot of images it’s a lot of work to remove, so cleaning would be advised.

Where is the sensor:

The sensor for your camera will be located under the mirror which in most cases when you change a lens it’s the first reflective item you will see inside your camera.

How to get to the Sensor:

On your camera there will be a menu option to clean sensor manually once this is engaged the Mirror will lock up and you will have access to the sensor which is a blue/green type glass in colour.

Warning ! remember before starting this operation to ensure that you have a fully charged battery, even if the battery states half charged Ensure that it is a fully charged battery, the reason why is that if you are cleaning the sensor and the battery runs out it will close the mirror back down and if your working on the sensor can cause damage, While working with the mirror locked up drains the battery hugely, so please bare in mind.

dirt on the mirror camera sensor

What you’ll need.

Firstly you would need the following:

A compressed air duster

Some sensor cleaning material (normally sold as a kit)

Dust aid is the one I use and does a pretty good job

A torch or lens loupe (lens loupe is a lens looking item that is like a magnify glass with a built in light to see if there is any tell tale signs of dirt and dust.

The last item you require is patients, as cleaning the sensor is a delicate operation which takes time.

dust aid

How to Clean the Sensor:

The very first thing to try is once the mirror is locked up try holding the camera upside down and using the air duster to blow out any dust that only requires the air duster, then take a test picture of something white and remember to set you f/stop to f/22 zoom in on the lcd and see if the dust spots are still there, if they are not then that’s as far as you would need to go, however if some are still there continue reading. WARNING never hold a compressed air duster upside down and use it to blow air into your camera as the fluid inside the compressed air can will come out as a frozen liquid which will damage not only your camera sensor but as well as burning your skin like frostbite..

After you have set the cleaning manually operation within your camera you would need to open you cleaning kit inside you need to find the wand, a cleaning cloth and solution.

Following the cleaning instructions take the wand and wrap the cleaning cloth around  it as instructed, adding 3-5 drops of cleaning solution to the end of the wrapped cloth section of which will be used for cleaning, very carefully swipe across your sensor from left to right, now throw that cloth away or in some cases you can refold it in a way that you can still re-use the clean end of the same cloth and add solution and swipe the remaining area left of the sensor, using the lens loupe you can re-check for any dust left over.

Once you have completed this test a photograph again and check for spots. You may have to repeat this process a few times to be sure of a good clean sensor, also you can air dust the inside again to be sure.

Cleaning the sensor does not have to be this way every week or every month I would consider a monthly sensor clean just using the compressed air duster once a month or if you do a lot of lens changing outside every two weeks  the swipes on the sensor a couple of times a year would be fine.

I hope this information as helped you as a guide to cleaning your sensor.





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