Camera Straps

Camera Straps Why, what sought, and what do you look for in a good strap Or Indeed, is a camera strap important to you.   The above is just some […]

Camera Straps

Why, what sought, and what do you look for in a good strap

Or Indeed, is a camera strap important to you.

many different types


The above is just some of the items on my agenda for today’s blog.

Think back to when you first purchased your 35mm camera or Dslr 9 times out of 10 it probably came with a strap of some description in most of these cases it will be the standard stock around the neck strap.

So what options are there for us camera folks how do we see a strap that suits us for the work we do whether it is for an all day wedding shoot or a landscape hike in the country having a comfy camera strap is more important than we think.

Lets look at the standard for one thing it hangs around your neck, now ask yourself how much does the modern Dslr weight these days is some cases quite very especially if have added additional attachments to our camera for example pro grip, or Flash, Having this weight around your neck is never a good thing, as you will feel the strain and sooner or later neck ache will begin.

I know of wedding photographers that have used the standard strap method for some time even though they will use two pro size Dslr cameras at a time think of the weight and the all day wearing those..

So what’s the alternative what’s on the market currently.

There are plenty of choices but each of us must make our own choice of what we feel is right for us.

There are wrist straps for smaller Dlsr’s as well as hand straps that fit around your hand and attaches to the pro grip or bottom of the camera and then attach to the main eyelet strap of the camera, very comfortable and very secure.

wrist strap support canon strap

Shoulder straps and harnesses, these are some of the more popular ways to go currently, single shoulder straps that go over one shoulder and you loop over your body the camera will hang down by your side almost like a sling I have found that this type of strap to be my personal preference,  I have also purchased the duel shoulder harness as well for wedding shoots, I would say that investing in one of these straps  was one of the best choices I made where straps were concerned, after wearing a single or duel harness all day at a wedding venue I did not feel no tiredness or fatigue after taking the them off, bearing in mind that I had two pro size Dslr’s with a 70-200mm lens and a 85mm with flash attached these were very weighty peace’s of kit, but the shoulder strap balanced the weight so good that you did not feel the strain of the camera’s pulling me down.

Shoulder straps like the “Black Rapid” come with a unique design the inter locking screw thread that will screw into the bottom of your camera or pro grip made from a solid peace of steel on a nylon strap will not come off and I have seen camera’s swung around over the head with this strap fitted, probably not advised but it proves it’s strength.

The strap also comes with a padded section for around your entire shoulder and has a unique locking system to prevent shoulder pad from slipping around to your back as your draw the camera up to your eye.

There are many different makes of shoulder strap on the market now, however choose carefully from the good suppliers to the cheapies that are about, the reason I say this is that some of the cheapies may look good, but the black rapid blackrapid


locking clips and fastners can be a little weaker than some of the other better manufacturers, in short you get what you pay for in today’s society.




Having used a standard camera strap for a very short space of time and finding that having it dangling around my neck for a few hours, and indeed when leaning forward and watching the camera swing into either a wall or some other object, was enough for me to look about for something different, yet comfortable, stylish and mainly to make my camera easy to get to.

The Shoulder strap from black rapid was my answer. Light weight very strong easy access to the camera, it hung down my right side at waist height and can be quickly got to, as well as having my hands free to do other things knowing that the camera is perfectly safe, so much so that once I purchased a duel strap of the same type but as a harness for two camera’s I couldn’t be happier which makes my life and more importantly my workflow so much easier during weddings.

Why not pop along to your local camera store and try out a some straps to see which one suits you, or if you know a keen photographer perhaps they may have one that they may show you.

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