Canon 5DS and 5DsR review and preview

Canon 5DS and 5DsR review and preview   Canon has a announced a couple of days ago the launch of the latest and the greatest Canon 5DS and 5DsR cameras. […]

Canon 5DS and 5DsR review and preview


Canon has a announced a couple of days ago the launch of the latest and the greatest Canon 5DS and 5DsR cameras.
As a Canon user myself , i have to admit i got a little carried away about the initial rumours that Canon is preparing to launch a 50.6 megapixels. I could not believe it, however i was interested to find out about it.
Since Nikon has launched its D810  36 megapixels camera, I felt a bit envious. I appreciate Nikon as much as Canon as I have learned that Nikon is delivering also the highest quality photos, just like Canon and that is why there is a huge amount of chat about  both, which one does what, thousands of comparisons, bodies, lenses and so on. 

I am shooting 21 megapixels most of the time and I will have to admit i do not see the point of doing anymore. I shoot 2000 photos per week and my hard drives are full all the time. within 1 or 2 months I have to buy a new external hard drive just to be able to save my work
After a while, as a wedding photographer I switch on medium format and I have started to use the medium RAW files, and limit the amount of data as it becomes too much.

But that does not stop me wishing to have more megapixels for the studio work when you shoot only 200 images and a larger file is useful.

So I am happy today to go through the latest exciting news of Canon for a 50.6 megapixel monster camera
this looks to me as a method from Canon to fight Nikon on the megapixels front, as I find it a bit too much anyway. Imaging that you shoot RAW in full resolution, 2 shots are 100 MB of memory, 20 images  are 1GB, 200 images are 10 GB of date, and 2000 images (just like a wedding) are 100 GB. That is a lot of data. 10 weddings and you hard drive is gone. 

Of course you would have the option to go medium format, but why drive a high speed car with 50miles per hour when you can do 100. 
Realistically speaking, i believe this is more of an emotional issue rather than a practical one, as this would be priced less than 4000, for the professionals and high end enthusiasts.


Let’s go through the specs a little bit
dual Digic 6 processor – latest technology
3.2 inch fixed LCD display, just like the predecessor 5D Mark 3
61 point autofocus – I have my own theory for the focus points as I always use only one, but I can understand that for action this might work a little better, however not even enough to convince me that more focus points are better than less. 
5 frames per second for both 5DS and 5DsR – which is not that impressive if you compare with the 7D Mark2 which has 10. 
a new feature that I was not aware of is to do time lapse directly, so interavalometers are becoming useless
dual card CF and SD – which i always wanted, I still shoot 5D mark 2 and I do not have it and I am always nervous loosing my data by accident. 
1080P video at 24,25 and 30 fps and 60FPS for 720p. I would have loved to have more on that as I shoot video as well and it is always interesting to have that facility. I am reading about rumours athat another model 5D mark IV will focus more on the video aspect of the camera. I so love rumours and I mean that sarcastically. 
native range of ISO 100 to 6400, which I believe is more than enough anyway. The previous 5dMark3 has ISO up to 25,600 and I am asking why, as i struggle to use anything about 2400, but I understand other people use it differently so I am asking you what would be the use of an ISO 25,600?

so what is the difference between the 2 cameras and why a difference. they are the same camera with only one difference, the 5DsR has a low pass filter effect intended to cut the blurr and make the image sharper. that does not make much sense to me, it looks just like a marketing exercise, and why not making that as an option, but since I am not a specialist i cannot comment more. It is like buying a ferrari, here is your car, but check this out, if you buy the R version, you can get to maximum speed with less vibrance. I do not know, I am missing something here, perhaps someone can give me a better explanation.

Let’s check out a zoom exercise for an image taken with this camera which is available from Canon. I guess this is an impressive level of detail no matter what. 

So, these 2 cameras will be available in June this year, and I cannot wait to check one out and play, and do a review on it, but there few months till then

canon 5DS – 5DsR review

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