Church in Malta, flea market, and impression photography critique

Church in Malta Hello Mr.Tudor, I would like to get some reactions, comments and critique of this photo. The original church was bombed during the Second World War and a […]

Church in Malta

Hello Mr.Tudor,

I would like to get some reactions, comments and critique of this
photo. The original church was bombed during the Second World War and
a new church, shown in the photo, was built more centrally – in front
of the sea in Kalkara, Malta (Europe).

Here is a low resolution image but the original may be seen in my
Flickr photo stream at;

I mounted the camera [Nikon D7100] on a tripod for this 3 second long
exposure since I wanted to capture light at the ‘edge’ of the day. It
got completely dark after about 15 minutes! I was in aperture priority
[A] at f/9. The ‘budget’ lens used was a Nikon 55.0-300.0 mm

Thank you,
Robert Chircop



thank you for your submission I am going to apply the Tudor Rating System as promised and make few comments at the end.

Content 5 out of 10

In terms of content, a church is something that all of us have seen before. Obviously as an architectural landscape and as a night shot I can rate this as 5 out of 10 due to the fact the Church lives close to the water and is very warmly lit during the night

Composition – 8 out of 10

I see there is a good compositional arrangement in the picture. the subject sits in the top half  following the rule of thirds. I see symmetry of the water/ground splitting the image in 2, and I see the intention to see the light reflections into the water. Also the scale of the church in relation to the entire picture is very balanced. I see several compositional elements followed properly. I also can spot the boats rhythm and the perspective effect. There is a lot going on but there is a balanced hierarchy of elements. I am sure you took the picture and you already have the trained feeling for all these things and you can take the shot without thinking too much. I could even go to the 9 out of 10…..

Technical execution – Image quality – 7 out of 10

The image is not sharp, maybe from your conversion, the image is a bit dark, but is subjective. The light is a bit too warm, however the image is attractive overall

Final rounded TRS score is a 7 so this is a good picture


Kalkara Church 480



Flea Market

I wish to share my thoughts about this photo entitled ‘Flea Market’
with your readers of the Academy of Photography.

An idea:
My inspiration first came to me after reading some of Émile Durkheim’s
work in a philosophy class some years back. I wanted to represent my
thoughts, albeit somewhat confused, of the sacred/profane distinction
humbly by taking a photograph.

After some thought and many freehand sketches to help me understand
what I wanted to include in the photo, I ‘found’ my image at a flea
market in the traditional fishing village of Marsaxlokk, Malta.

As outlined above, the photo emphasises the dichotomy between the
spiritual (church) and the material (colourful scarves).  My intention
was to highlight this contrast through the use of selective colouring,
sepia for the church and the vibrant colours for the scarves on sale
at one of the stalls.

That said, my ultimate aim was to translate the theme into what is
hopefully a visually appealing and perhaps, a thought-provoking
On site:
After framing the picture by hand through the viewfinder, I set up the
camera on a tripod. This helped me tweak my composition more
accurately. In ‘aperture priority’ mode, a setting of f/14 gave me a
good depth of field. A shutter speed of 1/125” as suggested by the
camera froze the fluttering scarfs and garments.

This image was captured in RAW image format. The photo was then
selectively coloured afterwards in post-processing and converted to

The photo may also be seen in high resolution at my Flickr photo

While hoping that you like this photo, I thank you for sharing with us
your superior knowledge and for setting up and maintaining such a
wonderful and informative photography website.
Best regards,


My comments:

Content 7 out of 10 and this is subjective. The way you presented the subject captures some interest and I need a bit of time to think about your intention. If there would be no post production I would probbaly rate this a 4. I see you put a lot of thoughts into this and you should rate it more than I did as this image speaks to you more than to me. Now reading your intepretation, I believe if you want to show a contrast between spirituality and something else, you could find better contrasts (modernity against tradition ?!..sacred against profane…..not sure)

Composition 5 out of 10 – the image is a bit confusion. the coloured clothes are contrasting with the entire sepia picture and i believe your interpretation is lost. The red roof is confusing and I would have never guessed your intention

technical execution – 5 out 10, the image is heavy, the sepia too strong an unsubtle, there is no sharpness.

TRS overall mark is 5 out of 10


Flea Market..




I wish to submit this photo to your excellent, honest and objective
‘Photo Critique’ section.
I usually enjoy selecting my focus points when I record an image. Here
I reacted differently and experimented…
In this image entitled ‘Impression’, I deliberately used a somewhat
wide aperture f/5.6 which, at the ambient light available gave me a
long shutter speed of 2 seconds.
At a low ISO 160, I hand held the camera to achieve the ‘out of focus’
and blurred effect.

I suppose we either ‘love’ or ‘hate’ such images. I wish to know what you think.

Thank you for providing us with such an interesting and comprehensive website.
Best Regards,


Content 8 ouf 10 – this is more than a photograph – it is an artistic act and the camera just happened to be the tool. If the image would be clear, I would have give you a 3 or 4 – flowers in the garden – nothign special. However this is an interesting image and I stop and think about it.

Composition 5 out of 10, I cannot see an intent (even if a relationship between light and dark

Technical execution  8 out of 10 – I am sure your blurr was intended and it looks very good in my opinion

General TRS mark is 7 – which makes this a good photo. ( now being subjective I would have rated it more as I like the image personally






Robert, I believe you are a great photographer and a refined intellectual artist. I saw your work on your flickr account and the images above are just a small reflection, not even close to paint a proper picture about you. I think you should teach what you know other people as you have certainly the knowledge

so if you wish to become a guest teacher here, you are welcomed.



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