Critique for Donny

Dear Christian

I’m Donny from Indonesia, this is the first time I submit photo for critique, kindly give me critique and honest opinions about my photo. Details about my photo are as follow:

All photos taken using Nikon D3200 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens and post processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Loyd Christina photo details:
– Focal Length 120mm
– F-Stop F/4.8
– Exposure 1/100 sec
– ISO 100

Agatha Reyzky Permata Alam photo details:
– Focal Length 240mm
– F-Stop F/5.3
– Exposure 1/25 sec
– ISO 100

Jennifer Tungka photo details:
– Focal Length 86mm
– F-Stop F/4.5
– Exposure 1/60 sec
– ISO 100

I would like to know are there any mistakes I made, is it good composition, etc. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Donny Kurniawan

Hello Donny,

Thank you for submitting your photographs to be critiqued.  I will give you my honest opinion on each photograph.

Agatha Reyzky

Agatha Reyzky

Content:  6.5 / 10

Nice capture Donny.  Her expression makes you wonder what she’s thinking about.  Almost a cross between a candid shot and a posed.

Composition:  7.5 / 10

Composition is done well.  You have used the ROT and kept the photograph balanced.

Image Quality:  7.5 / 10

Overall the image is good. Nice bokeh and skin tones.   There are some detail information in her eyes that appears lost.  Since this is a scaled down version the original could be better.  I like this photograph the best out of the three you submitted.

TRS Score:  7 / 10


Jennifer Tungka

Jennifer Tungka


Content:  5/10

Just an average photograph in terms of content.  It does have potential to be more interesting however.

Composition:  6/10

The composition is good with  a few exceptions.  The pole in the background is distracting.  When doing a crop leave more room above her head since this isn’t a close up shot.

Image Quality:  5/10

Again, it’s hard to tell from the scaled down version which is fine, but this looks like a shot straight from the camera.  If you would have positioned her to where the background wasn’t as “busy” this photograph would be much better.

TRS Score:  5.3 


Loyd Christina

Loyd Christina

Content:  5/10

Same as the other photographs.

Composition:  7/10

If I were to make any adjustment it would be to position the subject on the left side of the photograph.

Image Quality:  6.5 / 10.

You have a nice bokeh and the focus is on her which is exactly what you want in a portrait.  Even though the background could possibly be busy, you have positioned her far enough away from and used a large aperture to give that nice blur we want in a portrait.  You may want to try a small vignette to darken the outside areas.

TRS Score:  6/10




Your composition is really good and you seem to have an eye for photography.  My next step would be to purchase some new glass such as a prime 85mm 1.8 .  I usually try to stay in 70-110 range for shooting portraits with an aperture of 2.4-4 unless I want the background to add interest to the photograph to some degree.  You can purchase a 50mm prime lens for slightly over $100 which should give you a nice focal length on the DX format if I’m not mistaking.  I’m a Canon user, but I believe the DX is almost the same as the APS-C from canon crop SLR’s.

Notice how your backgrounds may affect the photograph.  #1 and #3 doesn’t have a problem 🙂

Soften the skin some, sharpen eye lashes, brows, enhance the eyes as these are just some of the things that may need to be done on each portrait.

Happy Shooting!




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