Critique for Kenneth Maynard

TRS – Photo Critique by Mr. Robert Chircop Portrait No. 1   Portrait No. 2   Portrait No. 3 Image Title                   […]

TRS – Photo Critique by Mr. Robert Chircop

Kenneth Maynard 1

Portrait No. 1

 Kenneth Maynard 2

Portrait No. 2

 Kenneth Maynard 3

Portrait No. 3

Image Title                     : Portraits

Author                               : Kenneth Maynard

Photo Critique by       : Mr Robert Chircop [Academy of Photography Judge]

This critique will take into consideration combined aspects of all three portraits, highlighting some strengths and weaknesses, as they might come across to the viewer.

Content: TRS mark 6/10

All three images are head (and shoulder) portraits of young models. Portrait No 1 captures added interest due to the subject’s pose but lacks the communicative aspect. It would be interesting to let us know more about this photo. Is the model jumping? Would eye contact help this image ‘connect’ with the viewer directly?  The image shows movement and this may be employed further in your future work. Nice touch.

The second and third images do connect with the viewer but may lack the wow factor, mainly due to the lighting.

Composition: TRS mark 6.5/10

I can see attention to the Rule of Thirds and this is commendable. Exposure is well controlled, however I cannot see the EXIF data. Was this intentionally? You seem to have used a small f/stop (large dof) and hence your subjects do not stand out as much as they might have, when employing a wide aperture (shallower dof).

Watch your backgrounds as this may ‘make or break’ an image. The blue sofa in the bottom left of portrait 3, for example, is somewhat distracting as it competes for attention. The catch-lights in the model’s eyes add life and sparkle to this beautiful portrait. You might have also accentuated these in the second portrait, in post-processing.

It seems that portraits no. 1 and 2 in particular, were taken in exactly the same setting. You may think about using some props to avoid a hint of repetitiveness. A background of some sort, even someone holding up a coloured shirt behind the model perhaps, may help you out.

Image quality: TRS mark 6/10

All three images are sharp and in focus however the lighting is a little flat. This is an area where you can improve your photography. Try to avoid using the on-camera flash and aim to employ natural light (side-lit perhaps) on/and off-camera flash. Relatively cheap accessories such as reflectors may be used to shape light, to very good effect.

Taking control of your lighting will definitely improve your portraits.  Kenneth, please regard the above points as a means to improving your technique. It seems that you like portraiture and this may be a very rewarding aspect of photography, we may never stop learning about.

With knowledge and practice, you will be able to take your images beyond a ‘family album’ addition. Keep it up.

Final TRS mark:  6+ out of 10

You may like to view and comment on some of my portraiture submissions on this Academy of Photography website;

Thank you.

Robert Chircop.





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