Critique for Marcus Unik

Hello Marcus,

I will be the Academy of Photography Judge to critique the photograph you submitted.




Content:  4/10

The content is interesting to some degree, but lost rather quickly due to the busy background.

Composition:  4/10

Composition is lacking due to all the different objects interfering with the main subject.  Take out the hand from the right side, book from the right side and blur the background.   You have the family positioned nice, but it’s the other objects in the photograph really hurting the composition and image.

Image Quality 4/10

Image is a bit underexposed for my taste.  Background is distracting from the family.  The guy has shadows cast across his face while the woman’s face is bright.  I would suggest using fill flash by using a softbox/diffuser to achieve a more uniform appearance across the entire image (especially on the face of all three subjects).

TRS Score:  4 / 10



In the future try to keep an eye out for unwanted objects appearing in the foreground of your photographs.  You had a good idea having the couple look down toward the child to put focus there.  Marcus, work on your post processing techniques so you can get a more overall balanced image.  Right now the image is harsh and there are many details lost in the picture.  Sharpening in certain areas and softening the skin will help the image also.

Have a good day and we look forward to seeing future photographs!


Kevin Hays

About Kevin Hays

My name is Kevin Hays and I've always had an interest in fine art. From an early age I always had a pencil in my hand. At the age of 18 I was accepted as a professional watercolor artist and photographer. I enjoy drawing, painting, basketball, photography, woodworking, gaming, spending time with the family, advancing my education among other things. For a more detailed BIO you can visit