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Equestrian images Photography critique for Lisa Hi Christian I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of months now and have learned so much I am very grateful and look […]

Equestrian images

Photography critique for Lisa

Hi Christian

I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of months now and have learned so much I am very grateful and look forward to the next one. I decided to take up photography 6 months ago when i was at a wedding and the photographer didn’t know what he was doing so i ended up arranging all the guest for him and setting up somewhere to take the pictures. that same day when i got home i ordered a camera but because of my lack of experience i didn’t know what camera to orderwith not a lot of money so in the end i bought a nikon d3200 which i am pretty pleased with and it does the job all though i do find in low light situations it struggles a little due to the sensor i’m guessing. i like to take time planning my next shot instead of just taking pictures of anything and everything I also don’t have a lot of time as i work full time too but my goal is to be doing more photography rather than driving wagons in the next 2 years.

I’ve attached 3 pictures that i would like you to take a look at I am a horsey person so all 3 images are of horses i think I might have marked them higher than what others might but i’m not a judge and still learning and would love to hear the feedback you or your judges would have for me and what i could have done to make the pictures better.

the first image i took last sept not long after i got my camera i would give a 7 for content as it is easy to see that the picture is about the horse. 7 for composition as i think it is a beautiful image of a bond between horse and owner as she hasn’t got hold of the lead rope yet it doesn’t run off. and i would give it 7 for image quality as although it is a good image it is not as sharp as i would have like it i find that my hands shake slightly whilst taking a picture.

image 2 – i would give 7 for content as it is clear what the focus is 6 for composition as the story is about the horse and riders moment in motion but unless your a horsey person you wouldn’t know what move it is trying to achieve hence the reason for a 6 not 7 and 7 for quality all though it shows it is a cold windy day i would have liked a bit more sharpness

and image 3 i would give 6 for all 3 as the content isn’t clear due to the rider leaning forward with her face down you can’t really tell what she is doing i think if i had got her with her face slightly higher as she was smiling and very happy with the horses performance then i would have given it 7

Look forward to hearing from you
Thanks Lisa



thank you for submission. I am happy you used our system as that proves that you thought about it and not just picked images at random and sent them to us. It does happen. let”s have alook

Image 1 – girl and horse


horses photos equestrian 2

Content 8 out of 10

I think you have made a confusion between the content and composition. I believe the subject is the attachment and love between the girl and the horse and that is beautiful portrayed.

Composition 6 out of 10

I think this is a well defined composition, and the head of the horse is central and there is a good balance around it. that contradicts a little bit the content as the girl definitely is part of the image…but too much thinking is not good. I rated this because I had to, but the image does not bother me at all..on the contrary , I like it even if it does not follow the classic composition rules.

Image quality 7 out of 10

the black and white with the green tint looks OK, but can be better with a bot more contrast…

Final TRS mark 7 out of 10

I believe this is a good image, and it can be better…

Girl riding

horses photos equestrian 0

Content 6 out of 10

The content rating is not for identifying the subject…which is clear in most of the cases, but it is a measure how interesting is your story. A girl riding a horse is not something I have not seen before. The previous image is more interesting as it brings emotion. This image is a snap during training. I cannot relate to it as I have nothing to do with horses, but your rating is as good as mine

Composition 7 out of 10

symmetry and nothing else. simple and effective.This is not an image asking for symmetry in my opinion, but there is nothing wrong with it. If you try to make it the rule of thirds and have them on one side?! …what do you think?

Image quality 6.5 out of 10

image is OK, raw, nothing spectacular. You need to take this to the next level and play with the image after you take them to make them stand out. anyone can take this picture.

Final TRS mark 6+ out of 10

image is Ok, nothing spectacular

horses photos equestrian 1


Content 4.5 out of 10

Confusing image, we have got nothing but an unfinished image. This is an accident

Composition 4 out of 10

As this is an accident i cannot comment as there is no intention here

Image quality 6 out of 10

Like the one above, looks ok. anyone can take it

Final TRS mark 5- out of 10



I can feel you passion for horses. I am happy you love photography and my suggestion is to practice as much as you can, until you believe that what you do is only you and nobody else can do it. You need to stand out, see things your own way and express that. Ask yourself how is your image better than others, can others take it?

let me know your thoughts



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