exposure compensation – exposure bracketing tutorial

exposure compensation and exposure bracketing tutorial

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In this video we are going to explore what exposure compensation and exposure bracketing. In very simple terms the exposure compensation is instructing the camera to get the setting for one increment higher or lower in value in comparison with a normal exposure reading. So of the camera reads the light in front, it will estimate a specific exposure level. By compensating up or down with one stop for example, the camera will modify the settings accordingly to provide one stop over or under exposed image. That is based on the assumption that the exposure is correct (which is already an empirical concept) and your intention as a photographer is to have a modified result.
I am not sure how useful that is, and definitely it will not work in manual mode where you need to select your settings and the camera does not have anything to say any longer on this matter.
Exposure bracketing is in fact a repetition of 3 exposures in increments by the step you choose to give you 3 different results by pressing the shutter button 3 times. You can set up to receive steps up to 2 stops difference up or downs.
As a practical example you can set up the step to one stop up or down and pressing the button 3 times you get 3 results: -1, 0, +1
Again not sure how useful this is, perhaps getting 3 different results will help you creating a HDR (High Dynamic range Image) to be discussed separately.

exposure compensation - exposure braacketing


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