frozen album – photo critique

Frozen Album photo critique – TRS system Hello Christian, Yesterday I submitted 3 pictures as you requested however, I’d like to submit 3 more pix, this is just in keeping […]

Frozen Album

photo critique – TRS system

Hello Christian,

Yesterday I submitted 3 pictures as you requested however, I’d like to submit 3 more pix, this is just in keeping with my ice storm theme. Something that we just had recently in Toronto.  You can just delete my take of the Toronto at Night and My fall Pix.
Here’s two more that I feel like sharing from my Frozen Album.
I feel that there is something unique in everything. Ordinary things tend to be ordinary but sometimes given the right conditions, sometimes they shine. Just like with the picnic table in the Dog Park, it’s colours popped and looked interesting when the ice storm came. Same with the wagon wheel. Actually it is an old old wagon, maybe more than 50 years old wagon displayed at the Distillery. It was amazing. I have other pix of it. I found it quite interesting,especially when it some of it’s parts were wrapped in ice. Here I used a flash as the day was so dreary and the ice storm was just a day after. So tried to experiment on my flash and it worked.
anyway, looking forward for your thoughts.
Jane Mendita
thank you for your submission. I enjoy seeing your images . Let’s have a look and let me know what you think. As a general rule for the future, people need to do their own critique as well, so please comment below and your own ratings using Tudor Rating System
I would include all your images into Landscape photography category and compare with what I would believe the best and the worst landscape images might be. You are free to do your own interpretation, or even encourage other photographers to express their say here.

Frozen leaf

Content 7 out of 10. I believe the image is original, I do not see many of this type, definitely I can see your interest and preferences. A leaf detail would be boring, but a frozen leaf is better.

Composition 7 out of 10 . I am perceiving the intention to move the leaf to one side, and the intention to tilt the image slightly to create a subtle lack of balance. I am not sure this is intentional but in my opinion it works pretty well here. I can see the intention of the rule of thirds and even if it is not used perfectly,  I definitely see the sensible size of the subject in the image very well proportioned

Image quality 8 out of 10. I see the depth of field, clear image, good quality picture. I would have wanted to have this taken a little bit further and get a bit more vibrance to it, or on the other way, decrease the saturation subtly to make a statement

Overall image – 7+ which makes it a good photograph

frozen leaf_reduced size

Frozen Table

Content 6 out of 10 
I rated this as 6, as I believe the above image is better, despite the same intent showing frozen nature.They are not the same. One is a dead leaf, one is an object. I believe the leaf works better in this context
Composition 6 out of 10
I am not able to spot the intention in terms of composition. If this is about the icicles, they are to small in teh image. If this is a about the icicles and the table, there is no clear composition
there is a rhythm, some diagonal, but there is no clear delimitation what we are talking about
Image quality 8 out of 10
Image good quality, nice contrast,sharpness and depth of field. I like the vibrant colours. I see you control your camera well.
TRS rating 6.6 rounded to 6.5 is I believe the  Frozen Leaf is better
Table_reduced size

Frozen wheel

Content 7 out of 10
I enjoy your interpretation, but the wheel and being frozen have no obvious meaning, unlike the frozen leaf that says winter, time, life/death or whatever, and brings feeling the me as a viewer
Composition 5 out of 10
I cannot see the composition here. Not really symmetry, not really rule of thirds. This could have been better with some intention
image quality 5 out of 10
The camera flash directly towards to subject is not the best choice in my opinion. Despite the other qualities in the image, I can see you master your equipment well.
TRS mark 6-, still a decent result
thank you for your submission, your ratings are good in my opinion and you are doing good photography overall. I see consistency, intention and good skills. If you disagree with any of my comments, let me know. Also if you could comment below with your own rating, trying to ignore mine, it might help to understand you as a photographer
thank you


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