girls portraits – photo critique for Andy Kelly

Girls portraits photo critique Hi, I was wondering if you could review some of my photos? I have been learning about photography for only a couple of months now and […]

Girls portraits

photo critique

Hi, I was wondering if you could review some of my photos? I have been learning about photography for only a couple of months now and I have been watching your YouTube videos and they have helped me greatly, especially your last one.
My photos are mainly of my children but I would like a better understanding of where I am going wrong or right with my shots. I only have myself to look at them and no one else.
Thanks in advance for your time and effort
Happy Shooting


thank you for your submission. I am happy to critique your photos and help you get better outcome. What camera do you use? what lenses
I can see some value it terms of composition and croping. I like your clean cuts and how you are not afraid of tilting the camera.
I have few comments though that apply to all your images. Light is coming form behind you. Try to do it differently, and have the light from one side and see the result. Also i can feel you asking your daughter to smile and that does not look natural. I would suggest you master the basic first before you play with filters


not the greatest choice for a portrait ..a baby having a banana. I can see the focus correctly on the eye. Also you need to pay attention to detail. the drool is disturbing. I do not mind the black and white, probably you need to make a better contrast, have the black blacker and the white white to make the image stronger. this image does not have impact, it is flat. Also i do not like the left hand side is going dark like a corridor. Looks random, no consideration for the composition.

girls portraits photo critiique

Night portrait

the light is directly on her face, the smile is not natural. She is a beautiful  girl, you can try the light form the side and do not darken the sides the image so much…i

Window light portrait?

I do not like the colour effects on this one and the image is a bot overexposed. Image is cold, the light is not controlled. If you want to use overexposure as an artistic intent you need to either do it strongly or not at all. Also if you want to do artistic shots, you can take the effort to dress her up a little bit, not just ever day clothes which are not helping. they give an average feeling. On this one the smile is more natural.
despite the fact i have criticised few things above, your images are much better than many I have seen. my suggestion is to do a bit more effort if you want your photos to be different and above the others. Try to understand the light and see how you can use it better.
Can I suggest for you an assignment?
find a window in your home with an empty wall on the side – or try to make a backdrop. Take your camera and your children, dress them up in similar plane colours and have an 1 hour photo shoot if they resist.Have a look on my posing tips and try get something which you would not do naturally. see what you get, and send me the best 3 photos.


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