how to become a baby photographer

how to become a baby photographer  this is just a small guide on how to become a baby photographer. Professional baby and children photography is one of the most rewarding fields of photography. […]

how to become a baby photographer 

this is just a small guide on how to become a baby photographer. Professional baby and children photography is one of the most rewarding fields of photography. Children are always good models as they are not able to act other than natural in front of the camera. The difficulty is coming from getting the right shot though, as they are constanly on movement.

A baby photo session takes a long period of time and patience. It can happen on a location, where you can meet the whole family for a photography session, in his/her home, or in your studio

The advantage of taking photos of children in their home is that  the child feels comfortable within know environment. It open up easier to strangers and and get into his elements sooner.

In a studio it is always a challenge to get his/her attention for a pose

During all children photography sessions ,the photographer must be skilled to act silly in order to get the smile hw wants or the attention for the pest portrait. It is a constant effort, but when you get the right ortriat, it all pays off.

You need to be ready with toys, sounds, colorful lights, and sounds. Bubbles have in most cases success as all kids lve them and catch their attention for a second. Also you need to get down on thair level in order to get the right portrait.

how to become a professional children photographer

One very challenging children photography businesses is shopping centre mobile studio photography. You can set up a mobile studio in a busy shopping centre and that will get you a high exposure in a very short period of time. There will be always parents with children who are stopping due to convenience and get quality professional photographs, some of them they can’t do by themselves.

I will dedicate a full article about it, on how, when “do’s and dont’s of shopping centre children photography”

see below a sample of our mobile studio in a Westfield Shopping Centre

how to become a baby photographer

In order to be a good children photographer, you need to master your equipment, as the child is always on the run. You alse need the patience to shoot in noisy conditions, until you get the result you are after.


Few tips on attention breakers

– have an assistant photographer or a memeber of the family blowing bubbles

– wear a hat with a big red ball on top of it

– throw colour plastic balls in the air and get the child to throw them at you

– ask the child to play, jump and act silly like you

For few examples please visit newborn photographer section for Sydney website on the children photography section


 Steps in becoming a baby photographer

– build a baby photography portfolio

You can start with the children and babies of everyone you know, during organised sessions. Ask all you friends and relatives to allow to experiment with your camera and I don’t see why they would say no to this

– start advertising and promoting yourself as a baby photographer

you can use all the techniques i have presented in the other sections of becoming a professional photographer and the specifics to your niche. Start advertising and promote yourself at baby shows, baby markets, advertise in as many places in the special magazines, you can approach schools, childcare centres etc and make your business as visible as possible.

how to become a baby photographer

– Prepare your business plan, create your workflow and sustain s healthy business model.

You can start cheap , but  make sure you set your goals  realistic with  the cost of doing business in your mind. taking photos of the little ones is not as easy as it seems, it is a constant battle to take the right shot as they are always on the move, totally ignoring you or their parents making faces and blowing bubbles. But when you get the perfect smile on your camera, all the efforts are forgotten

Becoming a children or baby photographer is a very rewarding field of professional photography for you and for your clients as well, when they see their loved treasures in pictures that they cannot take by them.


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