how to become a newborn photographer

How to become a newborn photographer Few tips on how to become a newborn photographer. When I saw work of Anne Geddes for the first time , I was so […]

How to become a newborn photographer

Few tips on how to become a newborn photographer. When I saw work of Anne Geddes for the first time , I was so impressed by it as I have decided to become a newborn photographer. Taking pictures of the newborn babies is one of the most rewarding photography types. Assuming you are doing a good job, the parents reaction when they see their little treasure’s photos is priceless. You can create joy and that is a great deal of satisfaction at professional but also at personal level.

Have you seen famous newborn photographers?

Newborn photography is not as difficult as it seems, however it presents its challenges. I am not overly impressed when I see over and over again the same baby pose or small variations of a baby naked or wrapped, on a bed, in a basket , next to a window.

I have worked so hard in setting up a newborn photography studio with professional equipment, including lights and various props. I believe that going the distance to create an unique image will pull myself out of the crowd as a photographer – and it worked. Like any other business you need an “unique selling point” , an original approach to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market as a professional newborn photographer.

I have started designing individual unique sessions, with one original idea for each newborn, as a promise. I have carefully designed each session, like a project and purchased props, backgrounds. I have sketched each pose. In one word I went the distance to create something special.

I believe in creating real value this way. The more effort you put into a newborn photo session, the greater the ccommerical value of the photos. Parents reaction are priceless in this case and that is a marketing tool in itself.

In order to have a good newborn portrait, i prefer the baby to be as young as possible, proobaly less than 2 weeks old. There are a lot of parents concerned about taking their baby out of their home to early, but not everyone is the same. Having the baby in the studio less than 2 weeks old, he or she will sleep most of the time as they have not discovered the world yet and the power of their cry. You can moodel them as you want, but you will notice that is also a little challenge,

 How to become a successful newborn photographer?

  • try to be original – even if you draw inspiration from other famous newborn photographers, do you research properly and make up your own style of photography
  • have a studio. purchase various props for your ideas. It is not that expensive you can achieve great newborn portraits with little money
  • think about original poses and great compositions
  • have a warm and friendly environment.
  • be ready for a noisy session, long feeding breaks, patience
  • pre preapred with baby wipes, cleaning detergents as it will be a lot of peeing and pooing – be ready for it as it is part of the job
  • make sure the baby is safely handled (just in case you will need a public liability insurance in order to get sued if something happens)
  • do the best you can and deliver the best possible newborn photos
  • market and promote yourself as a newborn photographer for hte niche market separately – I have discovered that it works better is you do this separately, even if you do other types of photography

See samples of newborn professional photography sessions here

how to become a newborn photographer


if you have any thoughts or questions on how to become a newborn professional photographer do not hesitate to leave your comment below and I will be happy to answer any questions


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