how to become a photographer

How to become a photographer

Definition of a photographer

before we get into how to  become a photographer subject at large, In order to provide a clear definiton, a photographer is a person using a camera to take pictures of anything. The subject can vary from portraiture, landscapes, weddings, events, nature, sports, animals, or anything. A photographer is using the camera to tell a story, every image worth a thousands words. Professional photographers are the ones, not only taking, pictures, but also creating an income by using thier skills and professional equipment to produce commercialy valuable photographs. Professional equipment starts at least  with camera, and at least one lens, but can also include tripods, flash lights, studio lighting, studio backgrounds, camera accessories and many others that will be described in individual articles as part of the complete course on how to become a photographer
The final product of a photographer’s work are images, or representations of a subject. The final quality of the product depends on many factors and it may include photgrapher’s skills, having the right camera and lenses for the  specific conditions and type of the intended photography, and professional photography editing softwares, proper artificial light settings, natural light. The final result is a combination whe few factros are coming together and these factors are:
– photographer skills, talent and knowledge regarding the equipment and the composition
– quality of the equipment
– subject of the photograph
become a photographer

What type of a photographer can you be:

Before we go any further to show you how to become a photographer we need to understand what kind of photography can you do. There are several choices of specialized fields in whihc you can take pictures as a career:

Freelance photography

A freelance photographer may choose to take photographs of nature, sports, weddings, fashion, portraits, landscapes, real estate, children or newborn, family or corporate. Regardless of the choice, it must suit you and your personal interests in photography. A a freelance photographer, you have the freedom to work for individual clients, and by your own boss, own your own business. You can also sub contract work form other photography companies or independent photographers
As a freelance photographer, you coild own or rent a studio and photographic can start your photography business in your own home, and we will show you how during our complete course on how to become a photographer. All you need is an available space and we’ll help you to choose the rights equipment for yoir own studio, such as professional lights, backdrops, wireless triggers, computers, portofolios, marketing material
As a freelance photographer you are in charge of your own career and can specialize in more than one photography genre such as weddings and portraits in the same time. We will guide you every step of the process in how to become a freelance photographer

Portrait photography

A portrait photographer takes various types of portraits of people or groups of people. Portraiture can take place in various places, such as location outdoors, or the place of clients residence, professional environment or office if we are talking about the corporate portraits, Or in a studio where the photographer can control the sstudio equipment and produce oustanding photographs.
I order to become a portrait photographer, one must love people generally, must know how to talk to strangers, being comfortable around new people and be able to initiate a relationship. Taking a good portrait is about knowing the personal for few moments in front of the camera, telling a story or capturing a personality, or a feeling.
Portrait photography is creating value, not only the immediate photography session commmercial value, but time value for the subject and in time it becomes priceless.

Wedding photographer

Wedding photography is pretty self explanatory, it is about taking pictures at someone’s wedding. The wedding photographer has a very difficult task: to capture the wedding day for a couple to remember the happiest moments of their lives. There is a lot of pressure to deliver oustanding wedding photographs, and the level of expectation is very high not only for the bride and grom, but the whole wedding party.
In order to become a good wedding photographer, one must be able to shoot in fast changing lighting conditions, and styles, starting with the bride preparation, bridemaids, wedding flower and rings, groom amd groomsmen, wedding ceremony, wedding photography on location , reception etc.
A good wedding photographer must poses the skills to shoot very fast, and adapt equipment requirements and camera settings without thinking. Wedding photography is almost like having good reflexes and this comes with experience shooting many weddings.
We will be providing detailed information about how to become a wedding photographer in individual articles in this website
Wedding photographers are also highly skilled portrait photographers due to the nature of photographing people in groups and close ups all day long

Sports photographers

Professional sports photographers are the guys you see at TV with the big lenses on the side of the side of the sports field, regadless of the type of sport they are photographing. Sports is about speed and action and it takes a good skill to be able to capture that in a photograph.
Sports photographers are relying on their high quality photography equipment  to freeze the action. That cannot be achieved unless the level of investment is significant. It is not uncommon a sports shooter to have tens of thousands of dollars worth of lenses on their high end dslr cameras. Their photographs are usually published in sports magazines and this is how the photographers are earning their commission
If you wish to become a sports photographer, you need to be able to master your shutter speed and have the best and most expensive telephoto lenses.

Fashion photography

A a fashion photographer, you may be on one of the most competitive types  of professional photography. The fashion industry is high demanding and exclusive, and one most poses not only a big studio, but also expensive equipment to satisfe the requirements.
Fashion photography involves organising sessions with models, clothes and it seems more glamorous than it really is. As a fashion photographer you are required tomput in the hard work, come up with ideas, or work following a brief. The expectations are very high in regards to quality photographs but you will see you work in fashion magazines on the shleves of all news agencies.
If you want to become as a fashion photographer, you need to start as an assistant helping an already established fashion studio untill you learn all neessary tips and tricks to be able to work for yourself, build up your own portfolio.

Nature or landscape photography

In order to become a nature or landscape photographer, you must love to be outdoors in nature, and capture the beauty of it in different moments, and locations. Part of the landscape photography, we can talk about wildlife, landscapes, plants, animals, scenic views or natural textures. As a part of nature or landscape photography, we would include also macro photography in this category.
As a landscape photographer , you need ot be away in emany circumstances, cary your equipment and wait for the perfect moment in the perfect location. Your work can be published in geography magazines, calendars, post cards and various touristic related marketing materials.
With the proper knowledge and the correct business approach, as a landscape photographer you can earn a better income than other photography categories, due to the repetitive nature of the sale of the final product.
If you wish to become a landscape photographer, we will be showing lots of tips and tricks about how to photograph nature in various shapes of forms

Newborn photography

There are some very famous newborn photographers or photography studios around. They focus only on the newborn sessions as this is one category that is a very good niche.
If you wish to become a succesfull newborn photographer, like in any other photography category, you must take oustanding photographs, and differentiate your style from the others. Parents love the photos of their new babies and they are willing to pay very well to have something special, high quality and unique, to keep for themselves and to show them around
We have few good examples of these sessions and we can show you how to become a newborn photographer in few easy steps.

Baby or children photographer

Baby photography is the category where you can specialize in taking photographs of babies, todlers and childern of various ages.
As a children photographer, you must love to work with kids and have the necessary patience to run around, play, make faces, attract their attention. Is is one of the most difficult categories of photography as the subject moves all the time, never listens and has his of her own agenda. The efforts are forgotten though once you capyure the perfect baby photograph, the perfect smile or expression.
Children are honest, innocent and that is why they amake one of the best photography subjects
If you wish to become a children photographer, you must be ablet to shoot fast, adapt, be vreative, friendly and love to play. We will show tou the photography skills necessary and the right camera gear in order to excel in baby or children photography


Photojournalism is a category of photography that involves capturing events, news and stories in order to be published or broadcast. Photojournalists travel a lot, move form one place to another fast, they cary their equipment wherever necessary to do their job.
A a photojournalist you might consider a degree or specialized photography course. As a news photographer, you need to accept to work in extreme conditions, various locations and accept few risks that are part of the job.
You need to ask yourself if you really want to become a photojournalist

How to become a photographer?

In order to be a professional photographer is is not enough to be able to control your camera settings. That is not all about it. You need to know how to capture your subject, how to record reality or to create one. Ou need to train your eye to see a good photograph, amd to appreciate food quality photography.
Do you need a degree to be a good photographer?. We believe you do not need one
We will will teach you how to become a photographer in few easy steps:
– how to master your equipment, control your camera and adapt in any situations so you know what you are going to get without thinking
– how to take pictures in different conditions and howto be prepard for the unknown
– how to approach any photography subject or category of photography
– how to treat photography as a business and create an income
– how to start your photography business, grow maintain and be on step ahead of other photographers
In our complete course on how to become a photographer, we will be providing a series of lesons, tutorials, tips, articles and necessary information to help you turn your photography passion into a career.



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