how to become a wedding photographer

How to become a wedding photographer

Make money at taking pictures at weddings

 In this article we are going how to become a wedding photographer. The term wedding photographer is pretty self explanatory. A wedding photographers is a person who takes pictures at a wedding. The typical wedding photograph subcategories are bridal preparation photographs, groom and grooms men , wedding ceremony, wedding location photos, and wedding reception. These are the main parts of a wedding from a wedding photographer’ s perspective.
A good wedding photographer should be able to cover all these parts of the wedding day, but to deliver professional quality photographs, wedding photo albums or whatever the bride and groom are requiring. As a wedding photographer you need to be able to shoot in fast changing lighting conditions without much effort, so taking wedding photos must become a reflex. One moment you are inside the church and the next, the bridal party moves into the sun. As a wedding photographer you need to have the skills and the proper photography equipment to cover that in good conditions.
In order to become a wedding photographer, you must be a good portrait photographer first. All day long during a wedding you will be photographing people in groups, couples, or individuals. A wedding is a reason for celebration, people will express a lot of feelings, and as a wedding photographer you are there to capture that. Your skills will help the couple remember their pretious day for the rest of their lives. If you are required, you must also produce an oustanding wedding photo album which is a task in itself.
Wedding photography and portrature go hand in hand. Wedding photos are a series of portraits basically
how to become a wedding photographer

Becoming a wedding photographer

If this is you main goals and you wish to become a wedding photographer, than doing a wedding in your family or for a friend is the best place to start. By acting as the official professional wedding photographer you will have a great responsibility for the bride and groom, so not charging at the beginning will ease the pressure of you. You can do this few times  until you are become a confident wedding photographer.
As the main photographer capturing the day, your skills will be in the spotlight after. All family and friends might want to see all the wedding pictures you have taken and that in itself is the best marketing tool yo will ever have. The word will spread around that you are taking outstanding shots as a wedding photographer, and more business will come. Of course, yo need to know what you are doing, and you will be fast working for your own as a wedding photograph business.
If you are not confident at the beginning to capture a wedding all by yourself, you might consider assisting another established wedding professional photographer. This way you will pick up tips and tricks faster how to become a competent photographer yourself and in the me time you can build up our wedding photography portfolio. Make sure you clarify your intentions when you are talking with the wedding photographer you are going to assist. Yo will be learning the bes equipment to use in the conditions of shooting a wedding, best weddings poses, best wedding photos ideas, best spots to look for during the day, and how to interact with wedding guests. It is not rocket science but not impossible either.
Once you become a confident wedding photographer yourself, taking pictures at weddings will become only fun. That is the ideas position to be in, to have fun while making money.
If you are curious if you need any formal qualification to call yourself a wedding photographer, our opinion is that you do not need one. How many people are actually formally qualified photographers? Not very many. However once you are already doing wedding photography, you might consider joining a professional body or organisation and that will give you access to a lot of information, give you the chance to meet other wedding photographers and discuss issues and solutions, so you can learn from each other, and also will give you a weight in the eyes of your potential future clients. A membership to a professional photography body is like a vote for your business.
In order to become a wedding photographer and as an owner of a sustainable business, you need to understand the business basics and apply the every day. Taking beautiful  photos won’t be enough. As a wedding photographer, you need to be able to find the prospective client, make an offer,  organise an wedding interview, prepare a wedding photo contract and get them to sign it. This has less to do with your skills as a photographer but as a business man.
in order to become a sucesfull wedding photographer, you can split your activities into few steps:
– finding the clients for your business. You need to be able to find those people who are getting married and need a wedding photographer. There is no point in talking to someoene not intersted in your services. It is a waste of time
– organize a wedding consultation or an interview where you meet the couple and explainyour services
– making an offer for a wedding photography package to the couple to capture their requirements
– signing a wedding photography contract
– capture the wedding day
– deliver the final product, photographs, prints, disks, wedding photo album etc
– invoice and getting paid for your wedding photography services
– record transaction and make financial forecasts
– follow up with the past wedding photo clients
All these steps above are captured in detailed in other articles on our complete guide on how to become a photographer and we have dedicated few good chapters to the specifics of wedding photography business.



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