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Business tips – learn how to sell your photography services

Most valuable skill of a professional photographer is not the camera as you might believe, but the phone. The camera won’t get you much profit, but your selling skills. Like in any business upgrading your silks as a salesman or saleswoman may be the best investment you will ever do.

I was initially of the impression that taking awesome pictures will be enough to generate business, but nothing could be further from the truth. I have realised that educating myself as a salesman will improve my photography business outcome which I did. I have learned that selling is about numbers and all you need to do is ask as many people if possible if they are interested in your services and make them an offer.

how to sell photography skills?

the answer is by doing it as much as posible. Best word of advice: you have to take rejection well. Hearing the word “No” will happen in 90% of the times, but if you do not go the distance to talk to these 90 people, you won’t reach the 10 who will say yes and employ you for your photography skills.

The vast majority of people are not necessarily educated what a professional photographer is and they can be misled by a lot of factors, including having a cheaper quote than your in their hands without understanding the difference. You will definitely loose business to other photographers and you will have not to care, otherwise it will stop you from becoming a better business owner. Remember that no matter you do, how good photographer you are, how expensive your photography equipment is, there is always someone cheaper. If you cannot accept this as a fact of life, you will struggle to keep your photography business going.

Tips on how to sell photography, be a good salesman:

–          Always be friendly and polite

–          Do not try to push people into taking a decision fast – it will make them nervous

–          Be honest and open

–          Keep always a professional appearance. Wear business outfit when you are doing the first interview. Photography is like any other business and

–          Never hesitate to use the phone

–          Try to obtain a free obligation meeting with e possible client

–          You are much better off talking less and ask more questions rather than talk about yourself

–          Let the clients open up to you and you will find answer to their questions among their expectations

–          Never ask questions that can be answered with “yes or no” as you will get a “no” most of the time (instead of asking the question : are you ready to book my professional services? You might ask: “ when are you going to take a decision and what can I do to help you take that decision?”

This is not rocket science and you will learn by mistakes, but is important to start doing it. I would recommend a sales short course , because that will put you in a better position than other photographers

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