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Hello Mr. Tudor, First of all, I will like to thank you for your time and critique….My name is John Barreto and I am a photographer enthusiast. I started photography […]

Hello Mr. Tudor,

First of all, I will like to thank you for your time and critique….My name is John Barreto and I am a photographer enthusiast. I started photography about a 1 1/2 years ago. I love photography..,the feeling of pressing the trigger and grasping moments of life that will last forever is exhilarating to me. Just like you, I started watching youtube videos and other photographer to teach myself..I get many compliments from friends and coworkers. They are encouraging me to go professional but I am not sure I am ready plus I have no clue on how to start a business….your opinion and critique will be appreciated.
John Barreto
Please take a look at photography webpage……..


thank you for your submission. I am always happy to talk to real photography enthusiasts such as yourslef. I can see your keen interest and you effort to get great pictures.
I can see you passion for portraits. AS a general comment I can see you have not defined a style, yet and your are in your search for your visual tools. Definitely better than the average shooter and your artistic attempt is a sign of good interest in quality photography. There are few things I am not very keen on them and I will outline them below

Girl portrait

I like the general mood of the image, soft light, a bit too dark for my taste. I think this is too much softening in post production and it bothers me. Composition can be improved, there is too much empty ground – half of it. Not 1/3 not 2/3 to make a clear statement. I like crops but this is not necessarily the best one. I  would push the portrait lower in the picture to make it more present, or the other way, make it smaller and push it up.
the soft blurry effect is not great.
I like the light  0 is it a window?

The boy

I like the crop, it is interesting. it breaks the rules in a good way and I enjoy that. It is cheeky and funny. I can see some HDR?
Good exposure, good tones, like the composition as it is different this is the best image of the 3. Is this your son? I have seen a lot of his portraits on your website…?!

The window portrait

Not very happy with this one, as it looks like an accident, anyone could have taken it. I would try to get this further, make the complete silhouette, get the subject further from the window, get the window detail blurry with depth of field, or the other way, get the silhouette blurry and focus on the window details. I do not like the dark wall on the left, it destroys the composition balance. either both sides to frame the portrait or none.
Also the hat is average, not helping a nice portrait, but this is just my opinion.
I have had a look on your website and I saw a lot of good portaits. I believe you are in a stage where you love the blurry effect, but if you continue to learn and experiment, probably your taste will change. Also make sure you do not abuse this and also your HDR which I found a bit tricky especially for portraits
As a conclusion, you have more than others, close to a professional level, however you can start the marketing as it will take time until you get it going as a business and you will refine and polish your skills on the go. Definitely you are on the right track
for marketing and how to start a photography business see the business section of the website..
Step one, get yourself your own domain name and website
i wish you the best of luck and I would encourage you to keep shooting and send me some more pictures when you believe you have done few steps


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