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How to get clients – The ballot box Marketing tips for photographers The ballot box is a simple technique that works every time. It is a very simple concept and […]

How to get clients – The ballot box

Marketing tips for photographers

The ballot box is a simple technique that works every time. It is a very simple concept and it provide a simple technique hot to get clients as a photographer. Basically what you need to do is to place a ballot box, or a collection box into a place where there is a lot of traffic. An idea is to try to place this into a hair dressing store or any place that relates even remotely with photography. I would not suggest a grocery store as it has nothing to do with it. You can make up few forms and an offer and leave it for 3-4 weeks at the time and give random people opportunity to participate in a contest, take advantage of your offer for a free service, or a discounted enlargement. Depending how experienced you are in your business, and how comfortable you might be in charging people money for your photography, the offer needs to suit your level of business. People will enter their details into your box and this is how you collect pre-qualified potential customers who seem to be interested in your offer and that increases the chances to close a deal. After you collect their email addresses or phone numbers, you need to contact them as soon as possible to invite them to take advantage of your offer and it is as simple as that. Do not ecpect all of them to actually make it, as people react on impulses and some of them will forget immediately. But there will be a good percentage who will want to be photographed by you and you need to make sure it happens.

This is a very simple marketing tool for any photographer, or any business to collect contact details and close sales. The rest depends on you how you present yourself and how you deliver.

Advantages using a ballot box as a marketing tool

– cheap marketing  exercise

– good success rate

– allows the opportunity to build up a newsletter contact list (make sure you include clearly conditions of entry as it might be illegal in your country to spam people)

-unlimited opportunities – the more boxes in more places, the better business you can grow


– difficult to find businesses willing to assist

– if used incorrectly it might attract the “freebies” lovers and might waste time to close sales

– limited use

the ballot box

Tips to turn the ballot box idea into a successful photography marketing tool

– make sure you use the right appearance. For a low investment, the box, brochure and business cards holders will look professional

– ensure you fill the box in half, empty boxes are less attractive than half full boxes to the customers

– limit the usage to 3-4 weeks at the time and per location

– make sure you contact new email addresses often, as leaving them for weeks, people will forget they have entered. Hot leads have better chances to react on impulse


Feel free to download these forms, modify to suit your needs or do not use them if you come up with better ones yourself. There is a lot of room for improvement, but it is a starting point as marketing tips for photographers

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