Moving London, train and passing by photo critique

Photo Critique Dear Christian, please find attached 3 images and I would love to have them reviewed by you.   Marc, thank you for your submission. I appreciate you complied […]

Photo Critique

Dear Christian,

please find attached 3 images and I would love to have them reviewed by you.


Marc, thank you for your submission. I appreciate you complied with my requirements of images sizes and self rating. it makes my job easier. let;s have a look. see my comments in italic fonts this time

Moving London

Moving London

a)       Content (6):

In terms of the object, it is not too new or interesting, however, the deliberate lack of sharpness demonstrates the speed of the city and the blurrness of the people the anonymity.  

I believe your content is more interesting the way you presented it, I would rate is an 8 as the image is intriguing and interesting. Also the movement interpretation makes a relatively normal subject into a better one. well done.

b)      Composition (4):

There are clear lines, ie from the bus that directs the viewer. The lack of clarity in terms of the composition might be due to the fact that we don’t have one person in the front (almost in line with the rule of thirds), but also two more on the side

Marc. I believe you underestimate yourself.The whole picture is well balanced and even if there are no classic rule, the image is attractive. I would give you a 6.

c)       Image quality:

Well, this is one where Im interested in, because I can see that people might judge it as too blurry, even though everything is arranged by intention.

The blurry is obvious with intent and not an accident. I would rate this an 8, as this is more than photography, it is graphic art. There is a very easy way to staff this up, but you did not.



a)       Content (6)

While people have seen trains all along, the blurrness is something a little unique in combination of the sharpness of the rest. The man himself is not very sharp, because he is also in move, some kind of nervousness.

b)      Composition (7):

Much clearer than Moving London. People look straight away at the guy. All clear lines, fairly well arranged.

c)       IQ (7)

There is blurr where it is supposed to be, while also being tack sharp on other areas as needed.


All my comments are per the previous one, but the composition is not the best. There is a heavy disproportion on the side dark columns which disturb the image in my opinion. I would give you a 4 on the composition only and the rest will be 7.5-8

Passing By            

passing by-Edit

a)       Content(7)

The different perspective of people from the top rather than from the side gives this image a different content as to what we are used to on a daily basis.

I see some intention but i do not believe this is that interesting. Nothing happens. I recognise the intent to make images simple and bold, I like that, but in this case what do you want to tell me? I would rate the content as a 4

b)      Composition (7.5)

Clear lines, rules of third, and the intentional blurness of the man shows some thinking behind it. The eye is well guided. However, the additional objects on the left and right of the couch are a little distracting.  I should remove them next time J

i like clear lines, cannot see the rule of thirds, there too many elements here and there is no clear hierarchy. which one is more important than the other? couch, blurry man, diagonal concrete path? I am confused. Composition 5

c)       IQ:

Again, hard for me to say.

for me as well. Nothing stands out, not interesting. I can see the intent but it takes a bit more to get something like that remarkable. 

Would be glad, if you could let me know your thoughts and ideas, also on your website of course.


Kind regards,



Marc Egelhofer



thank you for your submission. You have got skills. my suggestions is to diversify your subjects and do not stay on blur for long. The fact you are thinking about your photography as per above tells me you will be a great photographer. i saw your website and saw very similar images. 

I have a question for you: why street photography only?  that is the easy way to shoot. despite the artistic interpretation, street photography has limitations in terms of value …my opinion,



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