my portrait, reflection and the wide stretch

Photography critique My portrait, reflection and wide stretch As advised by you, I’m submitting my three best rated photographs for your comments. I would love to receive your valuable comments […]

Photography critique

My portrait, reflection and wide stretch

As advised by you, I’m submitting my three best rated photographs for your comments.
I would love to receive your valuable comments for developing myself quickly.
With best regards,
thank you for your submission. I saw you were keen to get your photos critiqued here and I am sorry for the delay. We are receiving a large number of submissions these days and it is becoming hard to keep up with the workloald and also maintaining our balance. let’s have a look:

My portrait

My portrait

Content 4.5 out of 10

is this a self portrait? I see your intention to look deep in thoughts, but I do not appreciate the angle. The only thing that sticks out is your lips and nose. This is not the best angle for a portrait. I understand the artistic intent and I would change definitely the perspective.ALso you could have used a better background. I can see a old dirty door behind, and despite your intention to vignette it out, it still bothers me.

I see this a portrait above the average of a normal photographer, but i needed to sanction the angle. It could have been better very easy.

Composition 5 out of 10

Not bad, not good, in between worlds. Well balanced image but since you look up, there is too much space above the forehead…however I am still confused and cannot get passed looking up the nose. Maybe this is just me.

Image quality 5 out of 10

Making something sepia and adding a strong vignette will not make an image right

Final TRS mark 5- out of 10

This could have been much better with a little effort.

My reflection

The Reflection

Content 7 out of 10

I think this is an interesting image, a deserted landscape and few silhouettes. I like it a lot

Composition 6.5 out of 10

Horizon well placed, a bit undecided, you lost a bit of balance as it is not horizontal and that is confusing, it affects the balance. I like the fact you chose it as portrait format rather than landscape and that makes it intriguing in a good way. One would expect the landscape format for this type of image. well done

Image quality 6.5 out of 10

a bit dark for my taste, i enjoy the sad and heavy tones, maybe a bit more drama on the sky would have helped, or the other way, lighter sand….

Final TRS mark 6.6 out of 10

I like the image…it is interesting.

Wide stretch

Wide Strech

Content 7 out of 10

not every day someone takes a picture of a deserted boat on a beach…nothing spectacular, however not that often either. This maintains a mystery…what could have happened. A good subject, at least in my opinion

Composition 4 out of 10

if your story is about the boat, you did not tell it to me very convincing. the angles, the way it is croped makes no sense…either you show it to me talking to the rest of the image, or you crop it to make a statement. this is random…you are not sure, undecided…

Image quality 5 out of 10

I wish i could have given you more, but anyone could have taken this and turn it black and white. It lacks power

Final TRS mark 5.3 out of 10

I would classify this in the good photography category. With a better composition , this could have been way better.

I see a great photographer eye, definitely a good intention. you need one extra bit to make it great. I am not sure what you shoot with, but it does not stand out. Photography is also abotu equipment, so if you gear up, make sure you check the composition basics, you are somewhere
can you tell me what do you shoot with? tell us a bit more about your photography. I enjoyed your images depsite the apparent average ratings above which not only should not discourage you at all, but I would like to know if you find them fair. I am waiting for your comments back



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