Olivia, running through the night, stranger on the train – photo critique

Photo critique for Mike http://mikekingdonphotography.blogspot.co.uk/ Dear Christian Thank you very much for producing all your great videos on YouTube and for producing a great website. As being quite new to […]

Photo critique for Mike


Dear Christian

Thank you very much for producing all your great videos on YouTube and for producing a great website. As being quite new to photographer I find these videos very useful.
I especially like the video you did on composition which is an area I am working hard to improve on. I found your video very informative and well presented, probably the best video on YouTube about composition.

I watched a video by another photographer I follow on YouTube Matt Granger and he recommended that in order to make a good start in 2014 I should go through all my photos from 2013 and evaluate my strength and weaknesses so I can set goals to improve my photography in 2014.

Please find attached 3 photos that I think are amongst my best from 2013. I have tried to critique them myself and I would be grateful if you could also critique them.



Thank you for your submission. I appreciate the fact you have done your own ratings and I hope it gave you a better experience as intended. Let’s have alook and compare notes


My first shoot I did in a studio, the model was a friend of mine Olivia.
This is my favourite photo from the shoot.  I would give this
(7+7+8)/3 = 7 in total
Content : 7.5 out of 10
As a man I am inclined to give you a 10, I cannot help looking at beautiful women, especially in a sexy presentation, however on the same note, I feel the need to give you a 5 for the fact this will sell in any magazine and the subject is overused. So let’s stick in the middle…
Composition 8 out of 10
I believe this is a very good composition and it is artistic enough, a classic boudoir position very well executed. I am not sure if this can be much better than that. I see good balance, tension of being up side down, face following the rule of thirds, subject breathes well in the image.
Image quality : 7.5 out of 10
I see the quality i would expect, it is a nice image, well lit. I think black and white work OK, it is a good image. It is missing hte wow factor though…maybe a bit more depth of field ?! maybe?
TRS Rating: 7.6

Stranger in a train

I was on a train in Manchester where I kept seeing this guy looking at me from over the seats
I don’t think it is the best composed photo as I took it quickly but I like the subject.  I like how he is looking directly at the camera whilst other people are talking amongst themselves.  I like how you can’t see his face either.
(8+5+5)/3 = 6
Content  4 out of 10
Anyone in any condition will look at you if you point a camera towards them. I do not see anything special in this image. This is close to un-interesting. I do no relate to this is any shape or form.
Composition 3 out of 10
I do not see a composition, here, if you say this is centrality or symmetry of the subject, I will not believe you. This is a random image, for something that attracted you only.
Image quality 5 out of 10
Image is well exposed and that is about it…
TRS Rating : 4 out of 10
Strangers on a train

Running through the night

I took this at a light show in Manchester.  Hundreds of joggers ran over Manchester with LEDs light of them. This is a long exposure of the joggers running across a bridge.  Composition could be better but I like the colour.
(7+5+7)/3 = 6.3
Content 8.5 out of 10
I have never seen this idea, and your combination of night photography, long exposure and a street event is brilliant, in my opinion. I really love this approach and I believe this is one of the best ideas I have seen for such a simple event
Composition 7 out of 10
I am going to ignore the lack of your trust in yourself as this is a very well composed image, far abve the 5 mark in my view. This is about the light trails and they are about right in terms of the view, and dominance in the imahe. ALso the converge to one point nicely that follw the rule of third on vertical..maybe this point should be in the top third and have less sky?
Image quality 8 out of 10
the image is graphic, it looks appealing, I love it.
TRS rating 7.8
Running through the night
Mike, I think you underrate yourself a little bit. I did have a look on your website which unfortunately is not vey convincing at this stage.I am concerned that these 3 images, (maybe the 2 without the stranger in the train), are not enough to prove your skills.  I would love to see some more or your work in the future…..

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