party photography – 18th Birthday event

My Blog today sees me photographing, an 18th Birthday party I decided to travel lightly using just a 85mm, a Wide angle lens and flash speedlite. With Gary Fong attached. […]

My Blog today sees me photographing,

an 18th Birthday party

I decided to travel lightly using just a 85mm, a Wide angle lens and flash speedlite. With Gary Fong attached.

If you are not familiar with a Gary Fong this is a collapsible flash dome diffuser especially designed for speedlites, with many different effects, such as soft flash lighting it is the Perfect travel light peace of flash kit you can have if you have no room to set up a booth & strobe lighting.

My main aim for this shoot was to capture as much special effect lighting as I could, a chance to let my hair down and break away from the seriousness of wedding and portraits shoots of late, and to have some fun with my camera work after all photography is not all serious it’s lots of fun to as well as always learning something new.

Knowing that I would be in a low lighting environment a flash would be essential, and knowing the location well I knew what to expect from the location.

Using the 85mm had some issues I found that focusing was slow and being such low light which it can handle but with a fast pace party atmosphere was hard mix to capture, so I decided go with the wide angle 17-40 lens.

Using f stops between f4.0 and f8 was ideal enough to capture the party mood, along with the flash bouncing from the white ceiling was enough to keep my shutter speed from being to low, I also adjusted the flash compensation in camera at times but only by a minus one stop.

For the special effects I decided to use flash second curtain sync because the party disco style lighting was great for creating different effects around the Disco lights and to create a shadow halo around the guests, in some cases if you can capture it right you can create a lighting blur from people moving whilst taking your image using the 2nd curtain sync method.

2nd curtain sync is where the flash will fire twice once to capture the image and again to capture and overlapping image which can cause different effects, such as a halo around someone or if they are moving a light trail of sorts, which is a great effect for parties night clubs etc.

Overall I was pleased with the results as it’s not often I get to go to parties so this was a god excuse to try something different.

18th birthday party photography4 18th birthday party photography3 18th birthday party photography2 18th birthday party photography1 18th birthday party photography0 18th birthday party photography

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