paula’s portrait photography critique

Portrait photography by Paula critique using Tudor Rating System Paula thank you for your submission. I have selected only 3 images as discussed and I will start using the “Tudor […]

Portrait photography by Paula

critique using Tudor Rating System


thank you for your submission. I have selected only 3 images as discussed and I will start using the “Tudor Rating System” to assign some makrs to help you assess your own work. Please see the associated explanation


Girl portrait under the bridge

Content – 5 : A portrait of a girls sitting in the rocks is a portrait and it is a normal subject. I am sure the photographer and the model can rate this higher as this relates the themselves, and that is a fair proof that photography is subjective, but this rating is trying to be as objecgive as possible and eliminate the speech I like you like they like……with no reasons behind it

Composition 4-5 – I can recognise the diagonal tilting as a tool to create a interesting visual effect but I do not believe it complements the best the subject. I see the subject is the girl and that is lost in translation and overpowered by the heavy bridge support. The girl would have been better off larger in the image and perhaps following another compositional element, as now it is not in the middle neither on he side. The image has composition but it is not finished.The lack of balance is disturbing and I do not think it is the best choice

Image quality 6 – i can see some image quality and a bit of editing. The general tones are nice, the red a bit contrasting with the rest of the image, the face of the girl is lost and overpowered by the other elements


Children on the deck

Content 6.5 – it is not an usual portrait and I like that. It looks informal I enjoy the “adult facial expression”

Composition 8 – I like the fact the 2 boys are not in the same spot and there is depth in the picture. I like the perspective and the hierarchy of visual elements. The tiltin on this image works much better than the previous image.

Image quality 7 – it is better than the previous one and I enjoy the colour tones, they work so much better now. They complement the children and the reds are helping the subject to stand out and breath comfortably. it is visual appealing and just nice. the light is very nice and soft, good choice for the moment of the shoot and the use of natural light


Newborn portrait

Content 4.5 – nothing special with e baby being in the parents arms. I am nit sure but is the father without shirt? this is not really working in this instance

Composition 2 – i do not see any compositional intent. Either you leave the subject to breath and have space around it, or you crop it more to focus on details. The baby is too big. I am sure you wanted to hide few things but this could have benn better

Image quality: 3 – light fron the wrong direction. the chin is lit, and the shadow on teh cheeks, the position is not the best, and the image is not sharp. looks out of focus, random, confusing





Overall I see some intended quality in your photography, definitely I see the interest and passion, you just need to practice more and think about the 3 elements: content, composition, image quality. I believe you need a bit of work on the last 2 more, as the content is clear…you love baby portraits.


I hope my assessment is fair and let me know if your ratings would be different than mine

thank you





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