Phil Bourassa photo critique – Lake Huron, Sarah and Silo

Photo critique – Phil Bourassa Photography Dear Christian, Thanks so much for your wonderful critique offer, as well as one of the more useful photography sites anywhere on the web. […]

Photo critique – Phil Bourassa Photography

Dear Christian,
Thanks so much for your wonderful critique offer, as well as one of the more useful photography sites anywhere on the web. This is the kind of thing that most photographers are looking for: an actual structured critique of our work rather than just “nice shot!”
I’ve done editing and retouching for other photographers for years. About 4 years ago I began shooting my own work doing portraiture and product shots.
I’m enclosing 3 photos for your review. I’m currently shooting a Canon 60D, and looking to upgrade both the body and the lenses I’m using as soon as possible. That having been said, finances dictate how quickly that will happen!
The photos enclosed are of entirely different subjects, one in a studio, two in natural light. We’ve recently moved to Northern Michigan right on the shore of Lake Huron, and I’d like to start focusing more on outdoor and nature shots. At the same time, I want to make certain that I keep my portrait and head shot skills sharp for paying jobs.
I’m not one of those who needs someone to blow sunshine up my skirt. While I appreciate hearing what I’m doing well, I’m more concerned on finding out areas where I can improve my craft.
Thanks again for your time. I’m already a big fan of the site and will be using it as much as I can. In return for your wonderful offer, I’d like to extend my services (free of charge in keeping with your project) if you should ever find that you need help with website design or implementation, Photoshop compositing, or anything else that could be of assistance to you.
Yours truly,
Phil Bourassa
thank you for your submission. I appreciate your skills and I would say you are already as good as any other professional photographer. You are the living proof that equipment comes second as one does not need the fancy cameras and equipment to create outstanding shots. I am happy to see such skill and I would encourage you to put your knowledge into drive to do something more ever day. I believe you do not need much advice as I see that you know what you are doing with no difficulty. Probaly form now on it is only the business skills will get you a successful business which I believe you are after?!
Lets have a quick chat about your photos. Usually I get distracted when I get 3 different photos that doe not talk to each other in any shape or form, however in this case I do not have that problem. I can see the skill in all 3 of them


I lobe this image not only for the photographic skill but also for the approach. Leaving the subject in half shade is very interesting and visually intriguing. This causes a reaction on my side as a viewer: what is in the dark…mysterious and sexy. Great model, and great idea to have one light only one side. I believe the composition is good and the pose is also unusual and interesting.
I love the fact you left it in colour and not black and white.
There is something that is not comfortable though, the hand looks bigger and perhaps a slightly different position of her right hand side would have made it slimmer? not sure….
Love the picture anyway, one of my favourite so far on this critique session on my website

Old Plymouth Barn

Classic shot, goes by the rule of thirds, dramatic colours, good exposure. It is a good image, ticks all the boxes. I cannot find any flows, bit it does not make me WOW…seen and done this before!

Old Plymouth Barn

Lake Huron

I like your picture as it has layers of colours structured horizontally. The rock is a bit to big for my taste, and this is one image where following the rule of thirds would have helped. Because the image has some symmetry of the wave which crosses the image in the middle and subject is above, foamy wave layer below….all a little confusing, maybe too many visual elements fighting for attention.I would simplify this image a bit by either treating it as a texture and remove the rock completely, or have the rock and remove a layer – either the sky or the breaking wave…but that is just me.
photography critique
you have got the skill, all the above can be discussed and broken down in many ways, the bottom line you know photography and if you want to turn this into paying job, you need to work on other skills, like your website for example.
I love when people like you send me good quality photos for comments…this is all what is all about. please stay close and lets have another discussion in one year as I want to be surrounded by people such as yourself
thank you

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