Photo Critique for Alfred Luang

Hi Alfred,

Thank you for submitting your photographs for critique.  Content, Composition and Image Quality will be the three components for this critique.



Title: Lake

Content: 8.5 / 10
Since I enjoy landscapes the content reminds me of my days going out on a fishing trip.

Composition:  8.5 / 10
The composition is well done. The horizon isn’t directly in the center of the image and it’s not leaning one way or the other. The sun and the reflection is placed appropriately within the image. Your eye moves around the picture in a circle and never leaves the photograph which is good!

Image Quality: 8 / 10
Image quality is nice. All the tones are well balanced and go together with each other. The only two things that stand out and are distracting to me are the following. 1) The figure on the left side of the photograph should be erased out by post processing or cropped. 2) The upper right corner of the image is too dominant. A more subtle feather into the whole sky would be more pleasing.

TRS Score:  8.3 / 10





Title: Resort

Content: 7.5 / 10
I enjoy the content that is captured in the photograph.  If the shot was taken closer it could possibly leave out objects to give it more depth making it less desireable.

Composition:  8 / 10
The composition is done nice.  I like the fact the bottom of the photograph doesn’t lead your eye off the page.  Instead it picks it up and starts a curve back to the center of interest.  I would probably try to position the water to the right slightly to get it away from being so close to the center.

Image Quality: 8 / 10
Image quality is nice. All the tones are well balanced and go together with each other.  I can still see a slight vignette in the top right corner and I don’t actually think it’s needed.  The bottom right corner may need to be burned slightly to  tone down the highlight in this corner or cropped out completely.  A simple crop and brush adjustment is all needed I believe.  It looks as though the image may be a little under exposed also.

TRS Score:  7.8 / 10





Title: Flower

Content: 7 / 10
A classic macro shot.  There are many photographs flying around due to flowers make an easy subject to shoot macro.

Composition:  8 / 10
The composition is done nice.

Image Quality: 8.5 / 10
Image quality on the macro shot is done nice.  The flower in the background is faded out nice to prevent distraction from the main flower in front..

TRS Score:  7.8 / 10


Comments:  Alfred, it is clear you have some good photography skills here.  Everything I mentioned are small and trivial things.  I enjoyed the lake photograph the best.  Those suggestions were minor and I believe would help the photograph even more.  Some may want to leave the corners vignetted, but I feel it’s too dominant and should be toned down slightly.  You have the composition nailed and I assume it probably comes natural when photographing.  Keep up the great work!

Kevin Hays



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