Photo critique for Christos Psevdiotis

Hi Christos,Many thanks for submitting your work today, my name is Simon I am one of the judges for
the Academy of photography, I will be going through your images and providing my personal
feedback of your work.
Christian Tudor
Love you mom DSC_7264
Image 1 baby in sepia
Content 6-10
Baby photography is very popular with alot of photographers from beginners to professionals, Having that different look to set you aside from everyone else is key only if you want to become a baby – infant photographer.
Your image here is of good content, however whether or not your a professional or just taking some images of  an infant the general rule is the same always looking for that unique angle and correct lighting.
I like the angle of the image it shows interaction and eye contact between the lady and the baby, I am not so liking the sepia as Im not a major sepia fan unless used in a very old photograph or something similar, I would have much liked to of seen this image in B&W it would stand out more and be visually more appealing, however the image is good.
composition 7-10
Good all round composition  the angle is good. works for me.
Quality 7.5-10
Good all round quality here nice bokeh in the background. Good work.
Low key affection DSC_4212-3
Image 2 baby in arms
Content 6-10
Similar to the above comment with regards general content, however I do like this pose very natural, great job.
Composition 8-10
I like the composition in this image a lot and as well it being B&W shows great texture in the hands and the background subject person wearing black makes this photo what it is
excellent job here.
Quality 8-10
Quality is great I like again the texture that’s going on great image all round.
Innocent DSC_3327
Image 3 Baby studio portrait
Content 8-10
Great content when you have a photo of a subject in a made set such as this for example it shows some time and thought has gone into the photograph. Studio portraits are more and more common place for all forms of photography, and this is a great example.
Composition 8-10
Great composition very natural feel.
Quality 7-10
This is a great image the quality is good however I would of liked to of seen a second light to the left to light up the baby right side or our left if your looking straight at the photo, as you can see a small shadow on the background which is ok generally but with a second fill light or 2″ reflector this could of been a pure white background, however this is just my thoughts of an already great photo.

Christos, Many thanks for showing us your images today,I can see that you have some great creative work here and that you have given the images some thought instead of just pressing the shutter.

Remember that photography has an endless learning curve and that there so many ways to take a photo of the subject matter you like I wish you well in your photography and would look forward to seeing more of your work

all the best Simon.



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