Photo Critique for Christos Psevdiotis

Photo Critique for Christos Psevdiotis
Christian Tudor
Hi Christos Psevdiotis, Many thanks for submitting your imagines on the academy of photography website, my name is Simon and I am one of the judging panel members here at the academy of photography
I will provide you with my own honest opinion of your work today.
So tired
Image 1 “so Tired”
Content 8-10
A very popular area of photography currently are new born’s as it captures the innocents of human life at the beginning, This is a great capture as well as the bokeh background is especially good.
not being a fan of sepia, I would say personally B&W would have been a much better choice here, but other than that a great shot.
Composition  8-10
great composition and or good cropping here nothing bad to say about that great effort.
Quality 8-10
All 8s across the board quality is very good sharp at the detail end and nice bokeh and the background great work.
Image 2 “Innocence”
Content 7-10
I like this image with regards content as it is capturing the expression as it happens the children’s faces are captured by what is happening, these moments happen fast so being ready to capture it is all important
B&W also work great here, there is a good winter mood to this image as well, with the light source in the background adds that extra feel to the image excellent work.
Composition 7-10
Great composition both subjects are in frame but at different angles, good work.
Quality 7-10
Quality is good it’s a low light shot, shot at quite a high ISO and slow shutter speed with some graining but I feel that adds to the image more than taking away.
Father's love
Image 3 “father’s Love”
Content 8-10
Great content there is a lot of mood and love feeling to this image from grown adult to small infant, there is a great connection here again excellent work.
Composition 8-10
I like the composition it captures all we need to see our eyes are draw straight to the feeling of this image.
Quality 8-10
Shot at f/1.8 wide open can sometime be tricky however you have successfully managed a great image here with great quality sound job.
Christos,  your work is very very good you are a very good photographer of portraiture I hope you continue to be so, I find detail and expression in you work I hope that you carry on with photography for many years there is always new things to learn along the journey. Excellent work well done and thank you for sharing we looking to seeing more of your work in the future.
Best wishes

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